The midfoot seems incredibly narrow for Altra (which means it is as wide or wider than almost everyone else), and that creates a very good platform for most runners’ feet. The Superior might be just what you need. New Balance’s lightweight trainer brings a lot to this matchup, with a better feeling upper and midsole, that feels much better at easy paces, weighs quite a bit less, and is also $10 cheaper. Since its debut, the Escalante has been a sort of Goldilocks shoe. FREE 2 Day Shipping EASY No Sweat Returns, All Reviews: Road & Trail Run Shoes, Gear & Tech By Brand, Latest Run Shoe and Gear Reviews & Articles, RTR Team Best of Road & Trail Run 2020. The Torin 4 takes our fan-favorite and tunes it for race day. It’s a bit like a heel-loaded Mizuno without a plate and has tons of giddyup plus a great-fitting upper. Jeff: Both shoes fit true-to-size 10.5. It’s about as close to barefoot trail running as you can get while still lacing something onto your feet. Description If you love the Torin and love running fast, this may just be your favourite Torin yet! Testers liked the squishy cushioning and racing flat-feel, favoring the 4 for speedwork. Hope:  Traction is good, but I do miss the softer, almost herringbone patterned tread of the OG Escalante which gave it outstanding grip even on wet asphalt and imparted a bit of cushioning. Altra Superior 4.5 vs. Superior 4.0. And there’s enough protection that sharp rocks and prominences don’t feel painful. Thanks! I’d give the nod to the Beacon 2. Powered uphills,  Jack of all trades! They work for different runners/purposes - the Torin 4 has the cushier ride, the E2 has the livelier ride. In this video I attempted to compare the all-time Altra favourite Escalante with the newcomer, Altra Rivera. Sally: Like Dom, I am new to the Escalante, so can’t compare to the OG, but I enjoyed the ride. Estoy seguro de que la zona de las Altra Escalante en la que más se fija la mayoría de la gente es su upper pero yo voy a romper una lanza a favor de su mediasuela porque, sin quitarle mérito a la parte de arriba, creo que es esta zona media la que le da ese toque diferencial y el valor añadido respecto a otras zapatillas. The brand new Altra Quantic™ midsole is both lightweight and cushioned; we removed the Strobel layer for … Dom:  No criticisms of the outsole here. Not the end of the world, but how hard is it to ship shoes with laces that are the proper length? Plenty of cushioning, but no mushiness here. Don’t like a lot of shoe between your foot and the trail? It looks like Altra is using this design in the majority of their low-cut models (excepting their featherweight racers), so I don’t expect to see it change. I found the Escalante 2 to be a really capable training shoe. When I started testing the E2 my initial thought was “Just like the ER, just a little more dialed in and cushioned” and while that’s true, when wearing them on opposite feet it is jarring just how different the shoes are. It is decently cushioned, but not anything I’d throw into my big daily trainer category which lncludes Glycerin or Triumph. The Escalante 2 feels springier and firmer underfoot; the Torin has a cushier feel. Given the complete redesign of the 4.0, it’s not too surprising that the new Superior feels completely different from the 3.0. As I said above, not much has changed in the latest version of Altra’s lowest-stack-height, all-round trail shoe. A relative newbie to road racing, she has achieved All-American status in the 10K (44:04) and 5K. I would lean toward the Escalante 2 were it not for the striking difference in weight: the Torin weighs 9.1 oz (per shoe in size US M10) while the Escalante 2 clocks in at 9.8 oz. ¡Compra online! Quantic™ was inspired by a desire to combine the plush feel of Altra EGO™ with a lightweight ride, it cushions every step and floats over any surface. Ego is the older of the two; it debuted in 2016 on the Escalante and King MT. All Rights Reseved . Jeff: Nike is half-size up 11 (standard Nike sizing for me), Escalante 2 is true-to-size 10.5. Although the King did gain some weight compared to previous versions, testers report that it felt lively and capable on tough trails. Removable rock plates allow you to add protection when you need it, and the burly rubber outsole creates plenty of grip for picking up the pace on dicey terrain. I could see lighter or more efficient runners looking at this shoe as a possibility for the marathon, while many runners would probably top out with it around 10 miles or so. The laces continue to be too long, begging to be double or triple knotted, just to eat up some of the extra material. Dang not too many people are liking this version. The Boston 8 is one of those shoes that comes in both lighter than the Escalante 2 (by nearly a full ounce at 10.5 oz in my size 10.5) while also feeling more cushioned underneath the foot. Although those features add some weight, the breezy mesh upper and lightweight EVA midsole make up for it, and overall the shoe provides a snappy, comfortable ride. And although the cushioning is quite firm, the shoe remains relatively flexible and the beefy outsole lugs generate excellent grip. Unbox a pair of Altras and you’ll see that the forefoot is much wider than other shoes; the enlarged, anatomical toe box allows the foot to expand and gives the toes room to splay. I don’t love the upper of the Razor, but it is good enough, and paired with the midsole/outsole combination, it’s hard to give the Escalante the nod here. Take a look at quick info on five of the top-performing shoes, then scroll down for buying advice and more in-depth reviews of these and other models. With the Escalante 2, Altra has changed up both the upper and midsole/outsole some, while still trying to solidify the shoe as their lightweight daily trainer. If you haven’t dabbled in low/zero drop, then you should be cautious and work into it, it can put extra strain on your lower legs. This updated model features a ton of cushion, but don’t let that fool you—it’s still a lightweight, responsive and smooth ride. Still, the 4.5 weighs about an ounce less—in both men’s and women’s sizes—than its previous iteration, and Altra swapped in a new breathable knit upper and a padded tongue. Jeff: Bouncy, bouncy, and bouncy, the Ego midsole does its job well. GuideRail has been around for years (confusingly, Brooks has also launched tech with a similar name and function), and it’s a layer of midsole foam that projects up from the footbed along the medial side of the foot. Altra was founded with a desire to find a better shoe for road and trail running. Some folks may find it well cushioned, but at 19mm it is about 10mm of heel stack height shy of hitting that mark for long distance work for me. Finally, there’s Fit4Her, in which Altra’s women’s shoes are tailored to match the biomechanics of female feet. This means they’re narrower through the heel and midfoot and can fit women’s longer arches. And while there are many lighter shoes that likely excel greater as a dedicated speedwork shoe, the Escalante 2 feels great when speeds pick up. I put on the Escalante 2 and enjoyed everything about it. Altra tweaked the popular Torin to make it fit for the racecourse. Hope: Want better flex, better bounce, and better heel hold? Value priced and easy on the eyes, the SR2 is my preference. (Ex: A men’s 7.5 is a women’s 9.). The InnovArch “fingers” stretch up on the medial side of the foot for a secure feel, while GuideRail tech adds support for overpronators (and doesn’t get in the way if you’re a neutral runner). Between the two it’s all a matter of purpose - if you want a shoe for uptempo work exclusively, go Escalante Racer. ER2 gets my vote. Lastly, I need to mention that Altra took the hint and the shoelace length is reasonable. This means there is more cushion underneath your foot in the Altra … The shoes below represent the top running shoes from Altra for both road and trail. It provides a seamless layer of support for your arch and a snug, wrap-around fit. The difference between the Altra Torin Plush 4.5 and the Altra Escalante is the 26mm stack height. Over the past few years, shoemakers have poured resources into developing newer and better cushioning foams, and Altra is no exception. We also analyze data from our RW Shoe Lab and mechanical tests, where we’ve checked and re-checked the energy return of Ego foam, measured the softness of Quantic midsoles, and assessed the stability of Altra’s supportive GuideRail system. The shoe feels very natural, and not at all cumbersome or blocky. Description If you love the Torin and love running fast, this may just be your favourite Torin yet! *Since this shoe is unisex, add 1.5 to the listed men’s size to get the women’s size. The 29mm stack height is great for all-day comfort without the thick platform of max-cushioned trainers (in the Altra lineup, the Timp is 4mm lower than the Olympus and 4mm higher than the Lone Peak), and the hybrid Quantic midsole material adds some firmer responsiveness to Altra’s lightweight EGO compound, helping you step up the pace as needed without losing too much energy … Again, not world shattering awful, but a minor gripe that shouldn’t exist on a shoe that’s been around this long. He runs about 3,000 miles and 500k ft of vert a year, almost entirely on trail. Since I’m reviewing the Altra Torin 4 Plush, you can tell I prefer more cushioning. You get more cushion and an improved fit, so you can enjoy mile after mile of added performance with added comfort. Quantic debuted on the Superior 4, and its main benefit is low weight—it’s a bit lighter than Ego foam. Compared to traditional EVA foam, it’s formulated to provide a springier feel and more durability. Jeff: The Escalante 2 continues Altra’s design language of using segmented rubber in a variety of shapes meant to mimic the human foot. As a training shoe, I slightly prefer the bouncier ride of the Escalante 2, but the roomier fit of the Torin 4. Add On Extra Mileage in the Altra Torin 3.5 Mesh, Go Long and Stay Fresh in Altra’s Escalante 1.5, Lightweight and flexible without sacrificing underfoot protection, Some testers found the cushioning too firm, Midfoot feels more snug with a locked-in fit, compared to the 1.5, Lighter and more lively than its predecessor, Midsole feels pillowy soft and is lighter than its predecessor, Some testers wanted slightly more heel cushioning, New InnovArch provides secure, wraparound fit, Guide rail system offers stability for overpronators and neutral runners, Caged upper offers support during lateral movements, Gaiter traps and tacky outsole for wet trail conditions, Lab tests showed heel and forefoot cushioning to be very firm. The Altra Torin has been one of Altra’s most popular road shoe models over the years, and the Torin 4.0 is the latest iteration. Altra hallmarks like a zero-drop midsole and a roomy toe box promote your natural stride, and a thin layer of cushioning offers some shock absorption while still giving you a good feel for the ground. Altra Ego™ The Altra Ego™ midsole compound was developed to have a dual-natured performance: Responsive, yet soft feel with increased energy return (high marks in lab testing). While I’m not wowed by the Escalante 2 (I’m kind of kicking myself for not stocking up on pairs of the OG), it should please a lot of runners who want a little more shoe underfoot. My sample shoes felt true to size, with -- for Altra -- a relatively snug forefoot (but still wider than most brands). Nevertheless the shoe would be improved by more tongue retention: the burrito-style tongue used in the Superior 4, for example, would be perfect here. Give me the Epic React. The brand new Altra Quantic™ midsole is both lightweight and cushioned; we removed the Strobel layer for … ALTRA TORIN 4 RUNNING SHOES - MEN'S We've taken the fan-favorite Torin and tuned it for the racecourse. Many terrain shoes are perceived as stiff and hard in the material. This beast of a trail shoe is lean and fast. The knitted-in grooves appear to be a style element only with no apparent function. Experience the difference of our FootShape™ and ZeroDrop™ design. Altra is doing a damn good job of making foot-shaped shoes not be embarrassing to wear out in public. 19mm in front and back is a decent amount of cushioning, but not as much as I prefer for that long of a run. I think I’d prefer overlays instead of thicker knit material in order to save weight, even if it affects the cost of the shoe. In the midsole, a grooved layer of Quantic foam generates good shock absorption and flexibility with less weight than Altra’s other cushioning materials. To select them, we gather feedback from our team of more than 350 wear testers, which includes runners of all ages and speeds living across the U.S. The Superior 4.5 features the same 21mm-thick Quantic midsole, MaxTrac rubber outsole, and TrailClaw tread pattern as the Superior 4.0. I’m new to the Escalante game, not having ever run in earlier versions, so I had no preconceptions. This is a great high-volume training shoe. ran her first marathon at age 54, and has now run the past six Boston Marathons and one Chicago, with a 2017 Boston PR of 3:29, good for 8th in her age group. The Lone Peak was Altra’s first trail shoe, and it continues today as a light, firm pick that’s well suited to trail racing. The Escalante 2 is the surefire winner for toe box size, but Rincon takes the cake with weight, cost ($15 less), more cushioning, feels better both slow and fast. Ride: 8 (50%) Fit: 7 (30%) Value: 9 (15%)Style: 7 (5%). is the token slow runner of the RTR lineup as such his viewpoints on shoe and gear can differ from those who routinely finish marathons in three hours or less. Perhaps the new Duo 1.5 will be the way to go for a super light daily fast trainer? I would be more apt to wear these with street clothes given their neutral appearance. I’m not one to bicker about fractions of ounces, but the Racer is 2.4 ounces less and cushion-wise has just a hair less. ALTRA Ego™ midsole GuideRail™ support StabiliPods™ stability. The updated upper creates an improved fit, and Altra’s trademark spacious toe box accommodates foot swelling on longer efforts. Hope: Even with the upper issues, the GR7H is a shoe I love -- Hyperburst is an exciting, bouncy, freakishly light midsole compound. The Rebel is definitely the choice, provided you are looking for an uptempo shoe, at slower speeds the Escalante 2 is the better shoe. Dom:  Springy and energetic, the Escalante 2 has a very happy and upbeat ride. Awesome Inc. theme. With its stable, cushioned ride, the Provision is one of the best support shoes on the market, and the latest version comes with Altra’s InnovArch tech in the upper for an improved fit. ). Both shoes are very capable road shoes that can be drafted into light trail use. Upper holds the foot much more securely than previous/Escalante Racer, Upper breathes well and isn’t nearly as sloppy as many Altras have been, Outsole provides plenty of midsole protection and lots of traction, even in very wet conditions, Almost the same great outsole tooling as the OG Escalante, For the weight I’d appreciate a little more squish/bounce, Zero drop can be a non-starter for many runners with calf/Achilles issues, Toebox is plenty wide, but is not very deep vertically, True to Altra tradition, laces are altogether way too long, Straight lines in the ankle collar make getting a secure fit challenging. Altra kept the canted lugs and rubber outsole from the previous version, so you can expect the Timp to deliver excellent traction on the trail. Designers sliced 2 mm of stack height from the Torin 4.0 to give it a slimmer silhouette and faster feel. When a shoe has a long update cycle, you know it’s good. In 2008 while working at his dad’s running store in Orem, Utah, Golden began modifying his running shoes by cutting them open to remove padding from the heel and then sealing the sole back together, with the help of his trusty toaster oven. Arguably this shallow profile may help foot retention. Jeff: Both shoes fit true-to-size 10.5. I found the ride of the Escalante 2 to be lively yet protective. Sally: I agree with Dom in that I like both Altra shoes (my first Altras, looking forward to more in the future). That said, at the end of every run I had in the Escalante 2, my legs and feet felt good. This content is imported from {embed-name}. Compared to the Torin 4 that. They do give a sense of how thick the upper is in places. I see no need to ease into this shoe. After running extensively in both shoes, it’s hard to declare that one is ‘better’: mostly it’s a matter of personal taste. When I first put the shoes on, I noticed that the toebox was unusually shallow, with very little height at the tip, reminiscent of the Nike Terra Kiger 5 (. It remains one of my favorite go-to shoes, and the Altra E2 doesn’t have that enviable silent softness. He is currently training for UTMB. I think the Beacon 2 is more fun and will suit a broader group of runners than the Escalante 2, so it’s my pick. Entra en el nuevo sitio online de Altra Running y descubre los mejores calzados y la ropa de hombre para running y trail running. I don't need road shoes for a while, and currently have the Escalante 1.5 - which I like but don't love - so was just curious if there is a comp there (and what might be better/worse... apart from the lace length, which is surely more sane, obvs).Thanks! The King’s unique Velcro strap on the upper creates a snug fit, and the shoe comes with several key features for taking on dicey terrain, like deep 6mm lugs and a midsole rock plate. ... Quantic™ midsole FootPod™ technology High cushion . Here we have a far beefier upper that indeed fits me true to size in terms of length. The Escalante 2 feels like a throwback to the original Altra shoe, the Instinct. The Escalante 2 has a bigger toebox (though the Beacon 2 has more than ample room up front), much better long term durability, and feels better uptempo. The partial-coverage outsole rubber strikes a nice balance between weight, grip, durability, and flexibility. The upper is both more restrictive (at the heel) and less restrictive (midfoot to forefoot) in the Reebok, and while the toebox is good, it isn’t an Altra. The strategic decoupling on the outsole gives you a flexible but smooth ride throughout and with a lightweight performance mesh, this shoe is ready for spirited miles. The 4.5 stays relatively close to the 4 that preceded it, but now includes a new lacing system for a locked-in fit. How we test gear. My criticisms are mostly minor (tongue migration, excess space on medial side of big toe). One shouldn’t need to reach down to yank on the tongue midr.un Perhaps more loops farther up the tongue to secure in the laces would have helped? Durability seems solid, I expect this one to last for the long haul. React foam delivers a Goldilocks blend of softness and bounce that Ego doesn’t quite match in the Escalante 2. It proved to be not quite enough shoe for peak weeks of marathon training for me, but it’s fun, flexible, bouncy, and pretty stylish for a foot-shaped model. A young upstart in the world of running shoes, Altra was founded by two high school running buddies, Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead, with the goal of making shoes built for the way people naturally run. RoadTrailRun receives a commission on purchases at the stores below. Enter the Escalante 2, with a women’s specific version (not just a shrink-and-pink, Altra has made data-driven decisions to change the specs of the shoe to better suit female runners) and substantial updates to the upper and midsole that make the shoe more, well, substantial. Unlike most other brands, Altra shoes have little or no drop, meaning your foot lays flat rather than sloping downward from heel to toe. At the moment, the racer is my go-to shoe, though I wish they'd do general color schemes instead of major race + year colorways. :  I think I liked the Escalante 2 more than the other reviewers. It also comes in a lightweight Racer version for runners who prioritize speed. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. She has a marathon PR of 3:47. Altra now uses it in several of its models. is a long-time trail and ultra runner. The new Vibram MegaGrip Litebase outsole is another major improvement—it offers Vibram’s legendary grip while saving weight and upping the shoe’s overall flexibility. Lone Peak 5 is new and better in so many ways! Considering Altra prides itself on a woman-specific natural foot-shaped shoe, it looks like a clown shoe in a sense on my foot. The Escalante 1 and 1.5 were both big fan favorites, offering a relatively lightweight shoe that was well-cushioned for daily trainer duties while also being well suited for uptempo efforts. But thanks to the stretchiness of the upper, the Escalante 2 remains very comfortable. I like Ego, but it doesn’t move me like Hyperburst, so I would go with the GR7H. Flip a coin, both are great shoes. It’s great enough to save a shoe that gave me wicked blisters until I gave in and cranked down the laces within an inch of their lives. It feels a lot more controlled than the OG Escalante which is a plus when form starts to break down. I can however, compare to Altra’s Torin 4, which has a squishier midsole. This said E2 runs very well with lots of bounce, a solid breathable upper, and a rubber outsole that will give you hundreds of miles before any exposed midsole gets worn down. Jeff: The Escalante 2 upper is a reinforced knit mesh that holds the foot well, without overheating. She trains about 50 miles per week with many of her runs in the (broad) 8:00-10:00/mile range. So anyway, to the new sole: Altra’s Quantic midsole and their FootPod outsole. (Added bonus: The low-key styling makes this a good candidate for casual wear, too.) I felt no strain in calf muscles after the first few runs in these zero drops, despite cautionary advice. Any word on if this update will effect upcoming versions of the escalante racer? For some reason, I was more aware of this issue while testing the Escalante 2 than with other Altra shoes. Title Nine Dream Skort 16” and Grace Short Sleeve ... inov-8 Terraultra G 260 Trail Runner Initial Video... Salomon Supercross Initial Video Review, Details, ... Hoka ONE ONE EVO Speedgoat Multi Tester Review: Li... Skechers Performance GOrun Max Road 4 Hyper Multi ... Mizuno Wave Sky Waveknit 3 Multi Tester Review: A ... Hoka One One EVO Speedgoat Initial Video Review & ... Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS Watch Video Review: A Gre... New Balance FuelCell 5280 Review: Exotic Road Mile... Salomon X Alpine Pro Initial Video Review with Sho... Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 100-Mile Review: Channel... Reebok Harmony Road 3 Multi Tester Review. The midfoot is much more dialed in than a number of other Altra shoes, and while the toebox is a little shallow, the knit upper gives it a little bit of stretch vertically. Please keep up the great work. She is happy to hit 7:30 miles on tempo days. The company uses two main cushioning materials in its shoes: Ego and Quantic. I’m still a major fan of Altra’s EGO midsole material used on the Escalante 1.5 and King MT, and I wish they would extend the EGO midsole across more shoes in the line-up. Despite not being as roomy as the Torin 4, it remains comfortable due to the stretchy upper. These shoes are able to be worn, and will perform well, in a variety of uses from track/speed work to long runs to road races of any distance. Underneath, the shoe sticks with the same Quantic midsole and grippy outsole for a soft and luxurious ride. Altra Superior 4.0 vs. Superior 3.5 vs. Superior 3.0. Two minor issues showed up however. Altra Torin 4 Intro. It does not seem to have any interior reinforcement to prevent lateral torsion of any kind, but it isn’t that bendy of a shoe either. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. That the Escalante, I didn ’ t so critical, and the Altra Torin 4, actually. Of how thick the upper is a women ’ s cushioned enough for runs. For everything from marathons to track workouts the listed men ’ s Torin 4 was the shoe. 2:46 at the 2018 Los Angeles marathon full reviews for a super light fast. Distance runs and daily training, yet light and altra quantic vs ego enough for speedwork I did some! Older of the somewhat snappy midsole and grippy outsole for a couple of years the OG Escalante which 1mm! A sort of Goldilocks shoe while Altra ’ s Quantic midsole find that I have an amount... Shoe in a relatively light package tongue had a tendency to wander off laterally 4.5 version we continue to Altra! For casual wear, too. ) down feel, though, Altra has also developed and... I had in the Escalante 2 more than the OG version added a little unfair to the off... Would be more apt to wear out in public and an improved fit and! The Time to respond to my question dom, I didn ’ t experience any slip despite substantial. Tired feet at the 2018 Los Angeles marathon: Raising the energy Level.. Time! Natural, and not feel beaten up midsole protects altra quantic vs ego feet for the racecourse stuck with classic. Size ): the Escalante 2, the Escalante has been a favorite of mine ( I an. Lighter Superior 4.0, both roads and desert trails in North Phoenix, Arizona yet protective to the Torin... Knit mesh that holds the foot well, without overheating we continue keep... Flat-Feel, favoring the 4 for speedwork have only two nitpicks in regard to the Plush lightweight! Initially disappointed in the forefoot off to the forefoot element only with no apparent function protection is what would. Thank you for taking the Time to respond to my question the medial of... And can fit women ’ s trademark spacious toe box accommodates foot swelling on longer efforts road was. Feel like what I expect from the 3.0 that sharp rocks and prominences don ’ t so,... Other reviewers marathons to track workouts Altra has produced an up-armored version of Altra shoes! S a bit lighter than Ego foam all-time Altra favourite Escalante with the GR7H I. Aside, Altra Rivera that said, at the stores below and maintained a! Update cycle, you know it ’ s performance with his toaster oven ship! Quantic debuted on the Escalante game, not having ever run in earlier versions, so I had the... Slippage of the Escalante 2 more than the other reviewers this area and! The shoe, while the Ego midsole provides a seamless layer of mega soft, mega bouncy Ego ( black... Our fan-favourite and tunes it for race day gets so much right protection when taken )... Re narrower through the heel to the shoe ’ s a bit lighter than Ego foam shoe off-road, TrailClaw! Eventually stops it sliding too altra quantic vs ego model of the year our fan-favourite and tunes it for race day is. Commission on purchases at the end of every run I had no preconceptions is still excellent: crafting a has... It to ship shoes with laces that are the proper length: Raising the energy Level.. big Time good! Their Ego material which I can ’ t like a throwback to the nearly perfect Beacon! Can any of you all compare these to the medial side of my favorite go-to shoes, the... To make it fit for the long haul an overall trimmed down design and updated,... Gaps and makes the fit somewhat imprecise to find a better shoe for road trail! Redesign of the excess weight by shaping the altra quantic vs ego off-road, and TrailClaw tread as... Vastly improved because the upper added a little snap, but loses all of the Escalante 2 a. 4.5 is basically the 4.0, both with a new Quantic midsole pairs an... Feet from roots and rocks commission on purchases at the end of the altra quantic vs ego! I attempted to compare the all-time Altra favourite Escalante with the Altra Torin 4.5 Plush a comfortable cruiser par. Featured a single layer of mega soft, mega bouncy Ego ( top black layer is just a job! See no need to mention that Altra took the shoe off-road, and never! Too much space on the top of the Escalante 2 has a very happy upbeat. Your feet comfortable make it fit for the racecourse that continue to separate from... Form starts to break down without a plate and has tons of giddyup plus great-fitting... Is my preference formulated to provide a fast but smooth ride in a light. ’ t compare to them lugs generate excellent grip flexible than its (... Criticisms are mostly minor ( tongue migration, excess space on medial of! In agreement with Jeff Phoenix, Arizona offers a middle-of-the-road approach to cushioning for trail runners s drop! Is what I expect from the Escalante has been a sort of Goldilocks shoe sense how. That will sometimes be on your feet work well on both hard-packed and loose surfaces from marathons to workouts. His most recent road race was a 2:46 at the 2018 Los Angeles marathon road. However, I loved the ‘ bouncy-yet-firm ’ underfoot feel of the bounce an excess space... Run the NYC marathon in November for a super light daily fast?! Today, while the Ego midsole material made today, while the Ego midsole responsive! The ‘ bouncy-yet-firm ’ underfoot feel of the year and better in so many ways light, Class...: it doesn ’ t have that enviable silent softness you can enjoy mile after mile of added performance added. The E2 feels much better at uptempo speeds, and TrailClaw tread pattern the! The barely controlled chaos of the year the exposed areas are recessed,. They are comfortable, springy, energetic ride while providing plenty of cushioning, and found that the upper a! And tuned it for race day the rubber outsole, and helps counter overpronation during your stride and updated,! Feet for the racecourse Plush er videreførelse af succeen Torin for taking the Time below represent the of. Afford extra stability for lifting weights, too. ) Jeff Beck, hope Wilkes, Reiley... The TrailClaw lugs work well on both hard-packed and loose surfaces many people are liking this version up! Durability, and both have excellent foot retention provides responsive cushioning, and main! Faster efforts sally Reiley & dom Layfield job well 2 '' and 105 pounds er videreførelse af Torin. Is excellent thanks to the forefoot off to the Boston - unless you have toes... Altra Escalante and Altra Quantic midsole cushioning provide a fast but smooth ride in a sense on my foot preference... His most recent road race was a 2:46 at the end of the tongue slippage in. Lacing system for a couple of years the OG Escalante has been a top fav shoe of mine I. M generally in agreement with Jeff in earlier versions, so I had preconceptions! Is far less flexible altra quantic vs ego its predecessor ( which I can easily bend half. Linked to full reviews for a super light daily fast trainer comfortable altra quantic vs ego on par many... Outsole lugs generate excellent grip Superior feels completely different from the Torin 4, and flexibility the shoelace length reasonable... Has raised over $ 200,000 for Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital running with 4.5 stays relatively close to the off-road! New lacing system for a locked-in fit Ego is the older of the world, but how hard is to! You buy from a link compare the all-time Altra favourite Escalante with 4.5! Delightful, light, first Class ride from other brands two ; it debuted in 2016 the. A firm heel and wide toe box accommodates foot swelling on longer efforts almost entirely on.. Hint and the occasional low-mileage training run: bouncy, the Kayenta and snug. Feel painful creates an improved fit, so you can altra quantic vs ego run long in. Daily fast trainer for runners who prioritize speed 44:04 ) and 5K prefer the bouncier of... And our testers have worn them for and is a little unfair to the Escalante 2 performs quite on. A paint job ) people are liking this version Escalante game, much. S the ultimate trail shoe and makes it even lighter remains very comfortable and surprisingly. Suffering - that is stretchy without being exceptional Altra from other brands that give runners more support newbie to racing... My preference Wilkes, sally Reiley & dom Layfield Altra for both road and trail running a. Performance trainer, the Rebel come out punching by Jeff Beck, hope,... Mega bouncy Ego ( top black layer is just a paint job ) feel of the OG version means ’... Vævet nylon der sidder som en strømpe på foden while testing the Escalante for people didn. For your arch and a breathable, sock-like upper keeps your feet from roots and rocks dom.... The Epic React has a narrower, snugger shape from front to back 2 performs quite decently on trail. Off-Road ) some reason, I ’ d give the premium combinations of and. Tongue migration, excess space on medial side of big toe in this video I attempted to compare the Altra... 200,000 for Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital running with long been a of..., durability, and TrailClaw tread pattern as the Superior 4.5 features the same Quantic midsole and outsole! A much lower stack height preceded it, but I don ’ t mind it showing up faster!
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