Welcome to West Coast Harps: Canada's online Celtic harp store for retail harp sales. Each Celtic Harp is a one-of-a-kind instrument, made with your choice of woods, painting and ornamentation. Some come with a backpack-style carrying case. These harps are a successful continuation of the ancient Celtic tradition. The Celtic harp weighs only 5.24 pounds; it is a good choice for beginners and little children who are starting their musical experience with the harp. Of Strings: 22-36: 44-48: Weight: 6kgs – 15kgs: 32 – 40kgs: Cost: Difficult to generalise due to size but £400-£5k: Usually start at around £6k and up to £60k+ Options. “Thank you so much! 35" DEURA 22 STRINGS LEVERS HARP + BAG Irish Celtic Lap Folk … When it is important to you that your harp is truly top of the line, then you need to get the Royal Celtic Irish Knee Harp. … They come in three different levels, four, if you count the “plan only”. 34 String Folk Lever Harp. The lowest note on a celtic harp usually is a C or a G. About 0% of these are Other Musical Instruments & Accessories. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. We have a range of options that allow you to make the harp your own, as well as a range of accessories designed to make life as an owner just that little bit easier. CELTIC 12 STRINGS LAP Harp 24" + Free Bag Buymoremusic. Lap harps. The Celtic Harp (or Clarsach Harp) is almost unchanged since the 11th century. TK O'Brien's lap harps are handcrafted folk instruments which can be enjoyed by young students and senior citizens as well as everyone in between. If … In the end, you will be glad you did your research and found a lovely instrument. $345.00. Standard Lap Harp Specs15 string, 2 octave rangeLength: 15″ bottom rail, Height: 7 3/4″, Weight: 1 3/4 pounds approx.Top and back: Walnut ply. Nowadays, it is usual to use a softwood soundboard, nylon strings and most now have semitone levers for changing key. About ten years ago, a feat of modern engineering produced methods to build a very resonant small wire strung Celtic harp with a very sweet sound. DEURA 12 STRINGS BABY Lap HARP + BAG Irish Celtic Style Knotwork Design DH12B. Music cards Free shipping. 35" DEURA 22 STRINGS LEVERS HARP + BAG Irish Celtic Lap Folk DH-820 Brand: DEURA. 3.4 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Compare Dusty Harps. Roosebeck lap and table … Chromatic Harps. A wide variety of celtic lap harp options are available to you, such as type. It has a mesmerizing tone and the beauty of this harp is unsurpassed. Photos, prices, and detailed descriptions for each of our harp models. About Harps. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . First Act MG901 Lap Harp: Best Handmade Lap Harp With the brightest Sound: First act MG901 Lap harp is popular with music lovers. The Celtic harp costs around $100-$500 while the pedal harp goes for $400-$2,000 and the pedal harp goes for $1,000-$15,000 and more. Celtic Figment 30 String. The ply is a high quality instrument It is hand made by solid wood but hollow inside it. It is a small size with 15 strings. Folk & lap harps, used harps, lever harps, hammered dulcimers, local harp rental Its small size makes it easy for traveling and it can be played with an optional shoulder strap. Since people vary in their level of skill, so do the Cambria Kits. Beginner's guide to harps, general harp info, and specifics about how we build them. The Sharpsicle™ Harp has levers on the C & F strings making it well-suited for Celtic music and frequently the choice of harpists wishing to have a harp for music therapy as well as the recommendation of most of the major harp therapy programs. The Sharpsicle™ Harp is also incredibly popular with harp and music teachers for use with students. I love my new carbon fiber Heartland Legend 36 string harp!!! The Celtic harp is less costly compared to a regular harp. $109.99. The smallest is a lap harp … This is a nice harp that is light in weight and that is easily portable, which demonstrates the fact that this is a high quality harp that is super convenient. The Celtic harp or folk harp, with its characteristic bow-shape and often smaller size, is a popular style of harp for beginners, and the relatively simple style of construction makes it an easier instrument to build than the classical pedal harp. The Harp Connection offers Celtic harps in a huge range of sizes, from 26 to 38 strings, many different kinds of woods and soundboard and body ornamentation. Aug 8, 2016 - Explore Laura Rice's board "Lap Harp", followed by 281 people on Pinterest. The clarion ring of wire strings, the sweet mellow sound of gut, the ringing resonant tones of a large nylon-strung harp, or the bright soprano notes of a lap harp - all these are wonderfully suited to Celtic … 7 watching. Variety of woods and wood combinations available. Professional grade Celtic lever harp. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Cambria Lever Harp Kits are well designed, with extensive instruction manuals. The C string is red, and an F string is black. And it keeps the tune! Before buying a Celtic harp online, check the luthier’s references. Also called the folk harp, the Celtic harp is also popular with revivalists, folk re-enactment actors and beginners. Measure the length of the string, and compare it to the calculation sheet. Fitted with unique Teifi Harps semitone levers. The Stage 1-3 manuals total 72 illustrated pages. Ships from and sold by Natural State Strings. The Knot is a lighter shade wood that sets off the dark walnut top of the lap harp. #2 Royal Celtic Irish Knee Harp. Contact a music store for a harp string calculation sheet if unable to determine the lowest string. Lever / Celtic Harp Concert / Pedal Harp No. This lap harp is accented with a Celtic Knot soundhole. The Luna is a high headed harp with a staved back construction. See more ideas about Harp, Lap, Celtic harp. There are two basic sizes. Available with lever or standard gauge gut strings (synthetic options also available). Currently unavailable. To play a lap harp, the player must use either a lap bar or strap (similar to a guitar strap) to hold the instrument securely against their body. Compare sound clips, prices and features of Dusty Strings lever harps. Chromatic 5/7 Harp. If your main love is folk, Celtic or other roots music, then a Celtic (lever, folk) harp is probably the type for you. Electric Elegance 40 String. We understand that a handmade celtic harp represents a real investment for any player and buying one is just the starting point! If the harp is nylon strung, the strings may be color coded. We can make that dream a reality whether it be a Classical or pedal harp, Folk, non lever, lever or Celtic harp, custom made or one of our many ready made harps from around the world. 5 out of 5 stars (62) 62 reviews $ 119.98 FREE shipping Only 3 available and it's in 7 people's carts. I’ve tried this and for a couple of my lap harps it works quite well. In stock. Only 1 left! ... Clear harp being played in an actual snowstorm! This is a tricky question, but your pocket … You end up with an instrument you can be proud of. From shop Buymoremusic. Unlike our classic lever harps, which are all made of maple, Celtic harps can be made of walnut, cherry and more exotic woods like bubinga. Ask for testimonials from the luthier and ask about the specific models you’re considering on the harplist. A Celtic harp is a smaller version of the harp that is common to the Celtic countries or regions of Europe, most notably Wales, Ireland and Brittany. The Electric Elegance 40 string harp strikes an impressive look at weddings, events, and concerts. Introduced over 25 year ago, the Roosebeck Collection of Celtic Harps for sale have been a favorite of harpists of all skill levels. It becomes an upgrade and comes market for sale. The small size of this harp makes it suitable for instrumentalists who would rather play the musical instrument while it is balanced on their lap. 22 Strings LEVER Harp Solid Wood Celtic Irish rose Harp Engraved wood. The Celtic LAP Harp $1,195.00 for semi-gloss finish $1,465.00 for high-gloss finish (shown, left, in semi-gloss cherry) 26 Strings (nearly 4 octaves), Range: c to g 3 35’’ tall, 12’’ wide, 23’’ deep, 9 lbs. Early harps had solid wood bodies, brass strings and only played in one key. Celtic Figment 30 String. Strings Listen to sound clips, if they’re available. Celtic Harps by Rick Stanley are custom-crafted by a harper who performs as well as he works the wood, so your original harp is exquisite in both tone and form. Celtic Music Pack for TK O'Brien's Lap Harp $7.50. Free shipping. Also known as a plucked psaltery or zither, this trapezoidal shaped musical instrument provides its player with immediate rewards by producing a heavenly sound. Luna Wire Harp. The Brittany is a Celtic-style lap harp with 22 strings, offering a three-octave range from G to G or F to F. This beautiful little instrument has a traditional Celtic shape inspired by the Brian Boru historic harp. Some people with lap harps have found that they can put a smaller ironing board on a regular height chair, then sit on the narrow end of the board and put the harp on the board in front of them. Alibaba.com offers 705 celtic lap harp products. We care about your harp dreams and have developed the trust of our customers as we commit to excellence in all that we do. Affordable for the student harpist, yet crafted of quality materials that accomplished harpists appreciate. Detachable legs or stand-alone plinth available as optional extras. The Luna is our most popular wire strung harp. It is a great joy to play this harp, and to be able to keep it in the van while running errands. The folks in all my music groups say it sounds great and are very happy to see me play this beautiful harp! Celtic Harp 22 Strings Irish harp Lever Harp With Free Extra Strings Set. They weigh a much more manageable 5 to 10 pounds, making them easy to carry. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Which one should you get? Lap harps are small and portable with 22 to 26 strings. ClearTones 30 String Harp.
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