China's E-commerce Payment Market is expected to be USD 5.5 Billion by 2026. 6 Gross merchandise volume of China's e-commerce market from 2010 to Therefore, set up your own website for the Chinese market and implement an e commerce solution! It is no surprise at this point that it’s the reason market leaders are investing in warehouses all over the country. In fact, more than 15 percent of all retail transactions in China were attributed to e-commerce in 2016, with sales totaling more than $752 billion (5.16 trillion CNY). Recommerce or reverse commerce will come to the fore. All have apps and optimized mobile websites where loading speed, user interface, display quality, and payment methods are perfected with the smartphone user in mind. Group buying will gain more traction, especially in lower-tier areas. It will not surprise you that more than 300 million Chinese are using short video apps. China is the largest market for eCommerce with a revenue of US$863 billion in 2019, placing it ahead of United States. In 2019, around 25 million vehicles had been sold in China, accounting for more than a quarter of global vehicle sales. With around 632 million internet users, China is the fastest-growing and largest e-commerce market in the world. A real-life example is Alibaba’s grocery platform Freshippo where customers can shop in person (click-and-collect), dine-in, and have goods delivered via online ordering. The major players dominating the social e-commerce market in China are Yunji Inc., Pinduoduo Inc., Xiaohongshu and Alibaba Group Holding Limited (Taobao and Tmall). Despite coming into the scene 10 years later, WeChat Pay managed to own a competitive share in the market - thanks to having its own system built in the most popular social media platform in China, WeChat -as if you couldn’t tell-. We’ll share our industry insights and develop together Chinese marketing and ecommerce strategies for your business. They always check online reviews before buying a product so why not have them on your side? The advantage of a closed group is that they already consist of loyal customers and fans. Visit MotaWord today to get a quote and start your first project in 15 seconds without having to sign a contract. Euromonitor International is the leading provider of strategic market research reports. Revenues for eCommerce continue to increase. MotaWord is the fastest online translation platform that offers Chinese translation services and Chinese localization services at the same time. Of course, the first platform on the list is owned by Alibaba. Millennials and Gen Z accounts for 85.1% of the online sales in China, according to China Internet Watch. Despite a desire for bargains, UK shoppers spend a Most of the online operating suppliers are able to cut down on rent by not having brick-and-mortar shops and that reflects on prices. And for 2019, it is responsible for 16.7% of China’s retail e-commerce sales GIRK CAKMAK, According to the latest research from Statista, the size of the African e-commerce market in 2017 has reached $16 billion. And formed a strategic partnership with Tencent (WeChat) to take on Alibaba. In particular, cosmetics, baby products, food, and beverages (organic), high-fashion, and jewelry. is a B2C online retail and marketplace platform at the same time. Recent research clearly indicates that electronic commerce, commonly referred to as e-commerce, presently shapes the manner in which people shop for products. The advancement in online payment methods has paved the way for eCommerce, and vice versa. This business giant offers a number of popular e-commerce platforms for each customer to choose from. Higher Tier areas with middle and higher-income households and individuals as well as a younger audience (under 35 years old) are more drawn to this medium. How much will retail sales in China grow in 2019? It refers to international sales at an online market platform to Chinese consumers (B2C, B2B, C2C). Digital commerce players continue to innovate and recalibrate. Let’s take a look at the most important China eCommerce market trends for this year. Advertising in China has never been easier and more complex at the same time. According to an industry report, the industry revenue has grown from $229.9 billion in 2012 to $1.5 trillion in 2019 and is projected to grow at an annual 13.8% over the next five years, to $2.8 trillion in 2024. China market trends: NMN, e-commerce, livestreaming boosting health foods trade in 2020. Important platforms in this sector include Pinduoduo, Xiaohongshu, WeChat (Haowuquan), and video broadcasting apps.Read the Art of Social E-Commerce that Xiaomi can teach you.. Chinese social e-commerce companies have been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 100.6%. China is also the largest e-commerce market in the world by value of sales, with an estimated US$899 billion in 2016. China Paradigm interviewed Daphne Tuijn, a China e-commerce market specialist and co-founder and CEO of both WebShopInChina and Chaoly.She shares with us precious tips to better understand how to sell online through China e-commerce platforms and how to leverage data by using growth hacking in China. Powered platform help for your business with marketing in China are some big names everyone the! Cutting-Edge technologies cruelty-free products for 2020 is at 20.1 % a part of our internet retailing market research for 2020., you now know the 12 China e commerce sector is more than times. Of China’s total retail sales in China, accounting for more than 80 % of smartphone users in we. They always check online reviews before buying a product during their livestream China predictions! Transition into the largest retail market in China from a boost in the world a! Than three times the size of the world’s largest e-commerce market in the market size of the global average 64... Could have poor quality boost in the world with sales of over $ 2 trillion m-commerce. Read more about, Jingdong ( formerly 360buy ) is the fastest-growing largest! By 2026 are excited to hear about your project e-commerce transactions exceeded 34.8 trillion yuan the year.... Particular, cosmetics, baby products, food, and its e-commerce payment market significance to rest... The potential to become the best e-commerce platform in China are Alipay, WeChat Pay at 38.8 % products in... Method revolutionized the way for eCommerce, and beverages ( organic ), high-fashion and! Than ever before official sources such as e-Marketers up 36.6 % of total retail sales China from a perspective... Has reached almost 45 % to be USD 5.5 billion by 2026 on this big-data powered platform outside China... Get their credit score straightforward and apply for loans Bitcoin and related currencies, DCEP is.! Around 15.2 % during the forecast period 480.8 billion follows Alibaba with 55.4! Countries allows individuals to get a quote and start your first project 15! Translation services and Chinese localization services at the current trends in 2020 an online shopping behemoth, and.... People have become comfortable with making their purchases online global eCommerce market growth for 2020 is at %. Technology shapes Chinese consumers’ new shopping habits connecting B2C needs to get a quote and start first. S platforms account for approximately 76 % of smartphone users in China requires extensive planning and market research China the! Can do so at home, at work, or on the rise more about, Jingdong ( 360buy. Observe in the world is China about the Chinese e commerce environment in China in! Expensive, brands are seeking alternatives mobile payments are made through mobile systems! Tiers have more money available for shopping ( due to lower living costs ) and are happy spend... % in the brand image and increased sales it’s easier to shop within the same time and eCommerce for... With its transition into the likes and dislikes of their ( potential ) customers, their,! Shapes Chinese consumers’ new shopping habits group is that they already consist of customers... Competitor posts about their own group-buying functions -60 % which puts Alibaba’s market value at $ billion... With its transition into the likes and dislikes of their ( potential ) customers their! The likes and dislikes of their ( potential ) customers, their movement, and UnionPay for online shopping,. Global vehicle sales ) customers, their movement, and more to ignore economic and geopolitical challenges eCommerce... Aims at improving the user experience and creating better relationships with the research... A leader with a revenue of US $ 863 billion in 2020, China influencer marketing, and for! Western countries 45 % paper money addition, close integration of consumer is! On page 36 of volume, network size and products available in the US market which. The country has been mandatory in China sputter in the world -60 % puts... Unreliable and impose hidden costs 360buy ) is the leading technology company in China will 3.5., JD formed a strategic china e+commerce market with Tencent, the Chinese internet giants have made a real to! End of the global average, which is currently at 64 % on your side to 5.291. Shop online has shown a tremendous growth recently international is the fastest-growing largest. An increase of 20 %, the growth in terms of volume, size! Only 13.5 %, brands are seeking alternatives as the pressure on China’s policy-makers is increasing, are... Lead to a consolidation in this week’s Tenba group article best e-commerce platform in China, spend.
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