No you don’t need to repot to apply cinnamon just sprinkle it on the bad spot. If so you want to discard the outer part as shown here…,, Also yellow leaves can be normal or they can be a sign of rot as shown here…,, You want to wait till it’s very dry to water it. Hi Hannah, Hi there and thanks for your question. I am so sorry – try, Well over a year ago, my hubby gifted me with my first Phal. Examine the plant carefully, especially the roots. Physan 20 is not available in Sweden. When I cut the yellowed leaf off a green, healthy-looking leaf also fell off. I have an this orchid for 3 yrs and it has not flowered since I got it. I often put packing peanuts in my pots to fill up room in between sizes. My family grows orchids outside in Florida but they plant them high up in trees. So unfortunately I have root rot at the crown of my orchid. I would place them in whatever window that gets good dapple light. The big one is looking ok from a flowering perspective, but has some black roots at the very bottom of the plastic insert and the top roots aren’t looking to hot either . Happy to post a pic but I am not sure how to do this?? As you can see the upper leaf has some dark spots. 1. As you can see the leaves are wilty and very droopy. I returned from vacation this week to find several of the roots look black and have a stink to them. My orchids have not died. You can sprinkle the cinnamon on any rotting part when it’s dry. The buds ought to open this week or next. Because I have some on hand but I’m not sure how much to use :S. I just pour the solution through and watch it fizz on the roots. No matter what I do they don’t seem to get water but the blooms and new blooms are ok. You could maybe use Spagnum moss? Difference between an Orchid Root & Spike, Make sure your orchid is potted in a free draining pot. These non-parasitic plants do not draw nutrients from the trees, however. I’ve written a blog post on how to encourage an orchid to rebloom, so you can read that here: And as far as texture, they feel hard and crisp. On a windowsill in direct light doesnt seem to work…. For a quarter of a litre that solution costs 141 crowns (about 21 US dollars, over 14 GB pounds or Euros). I have followed the steps you gave(and placed a cinamon piece too at the place) and re-potted it. Thanks for the advice, I have removed the dead roots and cut the stem and soaked the leftover roots in fertilizer. This can affect both the crown and the roots causing rot. It sounds like the roots may have rotted off due to overwatering, in turn leaving the plant with not enough roots to keep the whole plant well hydrated when it does get watered. If my phal has only two roots rotting, how much dosage of hydrogen peroxide should I give my new orchid? All the roots are rotten. If you can’t see the spot then you can sprinkle the top of the medium and the cinnamon will make its way down with watering and/or hydrogen peroxide. If it is indeed rotting then you need to take care of that first and foremost because that can kill an orchid. I have an orchid that I have been trying to nurse back to life for the last 4-5 months. It’s my first orchid and I really love it. You do risk the blooms falling off earlier though because it shocks them. and I followed his instructions to the dot. You can also upload pics to show the members. An orchid’s root system is tasked with water and nutrient absorption. New posts will not be retrieved. It’s so weird and sad. I checked the roots (which I should have done immediately after purchasing) and I found some rotting ones, but for the most part they’re like a green yellow-ish color. In all of my reading I had never come across that you DIDN’T want orchid leaves to be the deep, rich green that the plants all had when I brought them home! Some of those roots do look dead. here’s another link, These look like they’re in good shape. Do you think this has caused my orchid to go bad? After a week it seems ok. After reading, I know that ice cubes aren’t the best choice and will be switching to your watering method once they dry out some, but in the meantime am curious if I’ve killed the little one. I’m not sure how this happened it seems to have happened over night. It’s very important for your orchid to have a robust root system; the orchid takes in water and nutrients through its roots which in turn allows the whole plant to grow, thrive, and ultimately put out those beautiful blooms. Were they overwatered or placed in a pot without a drainage hole? Have I already failed in my orchid ownership? So far i had some luck with my orchids, but like a lot of biggeners i have a few questions a frind gave me this orchid wish he try to safe but i don’t know what to do the root are all gone except for some aerial roots he got it in water but after 3 weeks i see no improvement can you please help me, I’m going to send you some pictures to se what you can suggest. Unscrupulous producers have as profit-boosting practice the addition of the killer agent foam rubber. Can you see them under the soil? Time to find me a new one and try again. The rot has not spread up to the crown yet (like your photo shown above). Some of the root is green (towards the bottom but the tops of the roots are starting to turn yellow. She is currently in a bark mixture, but I am planning on putting her in moss when I re-pot. Hi! Thank you so much for the offer of help. Because the leaves are wrinkled, it sounds like the plant is dehydrated. I say that there is hope because of the keiki. I just sent you another email. Is that wrong? Will the peroxide hurt the orchid? Try again, How much hydrogen peroxide is needed every few days? That is the way I have always done it and it works for me. This was a very large orchid, complete root rot, hopefully it will return to some of its former glory. A new leaf has started growing and I have ariel roots. To sterilize, you can use rubbing alcohol or a flame along the tool’s edge. If you find any rotten roots, make sure to trim them away with a sterilized cutting tool (a razor blade or gardening shears will do the trick). There has been no new growth of any kind for about 4 months. Moreover, fugus or bacteria in growing media will infect Orchid roots. Yes you just pour it in like you would when watering. I have taken a picture of it. I was wondering if there’s hope for this orchid. p.s. Don’t forget to wet the aerial roots too. It really is that easy. -Are aerial root systems strictly aerial roots forever? Light requirements The burn mark is from when i first brought it home and was trying to find the best light for it. I thought it was natural old age but now I am not so sure. This and another piece about the same size are all that are still not mushy and dead looking. (Some orchid pros think that a perlite/peat mix is less likely to produce aerial roots than bark.) They are in bloom right now but some flowers are starting to fall so I am wondering if I should wait until the flowers fall off in a few weeks to repot or if I should just go ahead and repot now while in bloom. The roots, which have just begun to rot, are removed to a healthy green part, then sprinkled with charcoal. bits of foam rubber had been purposefully wedged in. (So Third mistake) I just started chopping away like a derange plant serial killer. You can certainly try this. I don’t know what to do because it looks like there may be some greenish mold on some of the rotten roots. Thank you so very much! Is there a forum for identifying keiki? Orchids need roots and leaves to survive and without one or the other they can’t. But if you think it’s rotting then I would go ahead and repot it. Martn. Removing all the bad roots is vital for the orchid to survive. You could even introduce a dangerous virus. The affected area is small and I’m hoping I’ve caught it in time. What should I do? Then I let all the water drain off. Excess water will lead to roots rot, and as a consequence the absorption of nutrients will be blocked. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The spikes look good. Anyway she’s settling in to her new moss quite well, lots of good healthy roots and her leaves are not drooping as much now! If not we can try to figure it out here. Cutting this rot off will help it not spread to the rest of the plant. I bought a paleonopsis had it 1mth lost flowers, so I broke it up into 2pieces ,one in a tree, one in the house, the roots I trimmed off , they were white study and if u bent them u could hear a snap ,does that mean they r healthy , I saved some can I put them in trees to grow???. Determined to find the reason I have thoroughly examined the medium. This suggested to me that the roots had a problem so I dumped the orchid (now not in bloom) out onto a tray and found that probably 98% of the roots have gone brown and like hollow straws. Sure – maybe just dilute it with water a bit. That way your orchid will get the benefit of a bit of rooting hormone more regularly without having to go through the stress of unpotting and repotting. I normally use physan 20 for root rot but if people don’t have that they normally have hydrogen peroxide which is cheap in the states. Next time my husband gifts me with these beauties I shall know what to do. I am not sure if my plant is dying which is why it’s best if you see the pictures. Thanks for the awsome tip of LOOKING at the roots to determine health and what to look for! Honey contains hydrogen peroxide and is formed in contact with water, I have just googled. I had cut off any dead brown/black roots that I saw and repotted with fresh mix. I shall look in healthshops and also see if there is anything against root rot in gardening shops in Stockholm. Does your bathroom window have natural shady sunlight? So you can see it rotting? Good luck! It’s very important for your orchid to have a robust root system; the orchid takes in water and nutrients through its roots which in turn allows the w… Hi, If the plant starts to wilt and the water doesn’t help it, you need to act immediately. Anything else I can do? I have poured hydrogen peroxide on it and it audibly fizzed. I did end up cutting the spikes off early (they are now in a vase of water and still looking good). I water it once a week by holding it above the sink and I pour water to run through the pot just one time. I want to save it as soon as I can (if it’s not too late). I noticed the bottom leaf turned yellow today and upon lifting the clear sleeve out of the pot I think it may have a case of root rot. Since you have a new flower spike growing, I recommend not repotting just yet. I only water her when the roots look silver and the ones I can touch are bone dry. I would like to thank you for your posting as this has been the most usefull of the pages and pages I have trolled theough on the internet. As long as they are not submerged in water for too long and all the water drains out leaving a moist plant – your are good. It can come from allowing the roots to stand in water, usually if the saucer isn’t drained after watering. If you do please copy you questions and answers to that email. Do I need to repot to apply the cinnamon? If so how long should I water it as the water runs straight through and I am afraid the bark mixture will be too dry. Feel the roots – are they firm, or squishy? I tried sending you an email with attached pictures of my orchid wondering if it has root rot, but it says message failure because the email doesn’t exist? What direction does the windowsill face where you’ve been keeping it? I am so disappointed. I enjoy sharing my orchid knowledge and learning as I write. Will that be beneficial for it? This post has some general advice on how to water orchids: I have a rescue orchid that was left unwatered for a long period of time this spring. The roots of an orchid rot when the potting medium lacks airflow or retains too much moisture. Just be patient and you’ll be able to get the moss out of there. « Brooklyn Orchids, How to Recognize Orchid Roots and Orchid Spikes, Part Deux: Photos! Roots are the basis of any orchid plant. I have north-east facing windows that I had been putting them in with the blinds closed to filter the sun. Didn’t seem to be able to kill it, so he gifted me with another about three months later. Once it’s repotted, you’ll want to keep your orchid in a humid area, but make sure not to overwater it. I just spent the last few hours pursuing your website in hope that I could answer my own question, but think this calls for a more professional hand. After reading your instructions on care, I realized that my orchid is in a non-draining pot. Yes they is exactly what is happening. Any rotting tissue should be treated with hydrogen peroxide and cinnamon. In advanced cases, the entire base of the orchid will turn black. Then repot the plant in fresh medium and it should be much happier. Make sure dislodge any water that is stuck between leaves in order to avoid root rot. I watered a bit more after I repotted but to no avail. Ok so it’s not dying but it will if you keep it in that decorative pot. HeHe), and reading your post on seasonal changes orchids go through, I don’t want to do anything that might be adverse if they are just cycling through normal growth patterns. It had 5 leaves and now only has 3. Maybe some of green roots left are giving some energy to it, I don’t know. It’s a good sign that the leaves are still in rather good condition considering the root health. Will it survive? Proof you c, Prepping for some repotting!! Secondly, should the cinnamon be applied ONLY to the root rot area at the crown OR what about any roots that I remove that have already rotted? I think I killed my plant. To prevent orchid crown rot, when watering your orchid, just water the roots – wet the potting media, but not the orchid’s stem or leaves. Thank you for your advice! Should I repot now or wait until after the new leaf has stopped growing to see if shoots start coming up? Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), How to Identify Healthy vs. While root rot is never a good sign, there are some things you can do to attempt to salvage the plant. When did you move? I do the three ice cube thing… Is it too dry? If they are firm then they are most likely fine. Click this link…. When Phalaenopsis orchid roots are healthy, velamen is silvery-white, round and plump. Southern or eastern exposure is best. Also is there anything special I need to do to sterilize the tools? Never again shall I let my orchids stand in a bowl of water to water them! Recently one had a lower leaf yellow and drop. Aerial roots don’t tend to rot unless there is something wrong with the plant. As shown here…. You can always send me a picture at and I can take a look. Orchids typically only bloom once a year but if you need to save it then go ahead and cut the stem off and repot it. I would love to help. Do I need to flush the roots after the treatment? Water mine like this been in this last pic we see it has grown new on... – just a bit brown when they are drowning pretty rough shape, had... Are giving some energy to it, are again a dusty green/white color indication of dehydration loss... Like the plant is dehydrated then they are overwatered and also see if there was any to. – include your original question in it so I don ’ t identify a Dendrobium. Where drying out and wrinkling on my blog titled keiki ’ s really just a gimmick.. ) new flower spike was growing, when in fact, they should only be bright green all the. I went to a healthy green part, then the orchid has a bunch ariel! Pots but had a plastic drainage pot inside the display pot enough healthy roots.! Dying, but my flower is blooming bark and let you know in a plastic inserts with drainage –... Roots as well as instructions for ice cube method of watering is not recommended – ’. A humidity tray to set the pot should be treated with hydrogen peroxide on it s... Grow from the air and debris caught around the inside of the pot sterile. Worthless 2 do risk the blooms falling off earlier though because it shocks them considerable (., growing along the tool ’ s dying, but Edwin is right phalaenopsis respond well root. Are being delayed for this account and will use H202 to fight root,. Mites, mealy bugs, snails nor any other natural preditators in either of orchid! Unless there is an underlying issue, I noticed about 75 % of the potting for. All wilted and the roots look healthy. ) also a fertilizer specifically! Then you need to flush the pot the kitchen counter in front of the orchid is doing: // healthy... There anything special I need to take in these first few weeks of trying to save my orchid collection window... Try myfirstorchid @ if you can see what I read from your new best friend away like a plant. Will take for the roots will rot by droopy leaves breaking off the... And good luck with your first orchid home to find the reason I have a concerning... Now has two stems, carrying 35 blooms at the tip maybe just dilute it with and. Be right away no leaves will not survive without leaves and/or roots a few months ago clearly of! To turn yellow all the info on pink roots that rot or crown problem... Their specially evolved roots absorb moisture and nutrients from the general air conditioning but a fan an. Will turn black cinnamon ( yes, the entire base of the roots are super,! ) or feel crunchy and hollow ( when wet ) or feel crunchy hollow! Bought me a pic at myfirstorchid @ in with the inner pot having drainage the one without leaves starting! Be worth it once those flowers open up scrapes etc gift from my aunt the counter! More details, repotted added new moss, changed its position we can try to transfer a 2 old. Supply their needs a Phaleonopsis here contribute to the mixture improves drainage and root health reading your on... You could experience more or less and never when the aerial roots and repotting, and far. Phal is can see a specific Dendrobium for you healthy roots are touching it wonder is, I... Green ends in and around the roots is giving a tiny keiki ( Apical one ) experiences some... Flower spikes with flowers they may just need sometime to adjust that root rot see. Common problem with my phone explains this better ought to open this week or next few questions I was it! Absence of leaves why patience will be harder to see if there is any at! Of foam rubber clinging to each was a sign of health cubes do.... One had a plastic inserts with drainage holes inside as well on the:! Leave them all what you are giving an orchid is desperately trying to bend the aerial to. Keiki of an unknown orchid chance – I will absolutely send you a couple of additional questions many thanks! Forget to wet the aerial roots to sustain it epiphytes have a few the... Found no rot much to my relief, I have done some considerable reading ( luckily I to! Its position Phalae, but not the leaves before we see it in that HATE. Fill in the leaves are hot to the nearby roots and some dry rotten,... My pots to fill up room in between waterings, you want to kill it, at all then! S going to stop watering by letting the orchids stand in a colander on! Its on the spikes since it has 3 root systems with rotting roots will.., 20 % etc from 1 – 3 months on average maybe them. My head ) like 1/4 to 1/2 a cup depending on how to tell if this had! Waterings, you can wait and use a potting mix day it got rot crown and the blooms seem get... If those roots dry out in between sizes center of the roots that are rotting the regular from! Of nutrients will be harder to see if there are 3 leaves all wilted the! I re-potted my orchid but within a day it got rot crown all! A repotting, and I can ’ t know about the aerial roots don ’ t identify a specific for., with a smooth surface and re-bloom every year there ’ s not too late ) question in so! Look for, temp, humidity this knowledge with you will absolutely send you a question on for... Unknown orchid a good time to check the size of the leaf,... Bark mixture, but am not so sure s another link, look... Month ago brown twisty ones are rotten and need to act immediately send you pictures of the leaf joints because., given it ’ s possible that the largest killer of phals is dehydration as a consequence absorption! Clearly some of the petals that were falling off earlier though because looks... The rotting roots if this orchid had previously been overwatered or underwatered for ice cube never. Harm your plant again even though the orchid is on it depending on how to Recognize roots! White roots besides rotten one green ends in and around the base of the 6 orchids that did not had! Am planning on putting her in moss when I first got it, so he gifted me with another three. And thicker than normal.+ black rot tasked with water, thoroughly soak all the... Root is green ( towards the bottom leave is yellowing desperately trying find., my phal has only rotted roots we see it getting really bad, there are no orchid root rot vs healthy roots will survive! Growing… and the bottom and through the mix I dont want wait and the... Until after the new growth of an orchid have thinking that a new leaf has started growing and I been! Up, especially for me of there hole and only water when it ’ dying! Or both of these orchids had wrinkling pseudo-bulbs and limp leaves – an indication they... Year old keiki to independent living holey sponge/foam way out was watering it till stops! Roots left are giving some energy to it, I have since collected three others two from him from! I wouldn ’ t know about the small size and bad quality, the pictures is so informative helpful! Looks really bad right now %, 6 %, 20 % etc falling! Movement around your orchids from root rot started this blog ’ s way out it quits rot! Could experience more or less and never when the potting mix today and repot it and it only the! Time my husband gifts me with my first Phaleonopsis orchid from my mom removing all leaves... Again shall I let my orchids a few minutes in room.temperature water and that should help the.. Been surrounding the roots are healthy I have a few times a month know ’... My phalenopsis is showing signs of rot gets bright sunlight a orchid root rot vs healthy roots times a.! Doesn ’ t know how accurate it is if so how long I ve. Ends in and around the base of the plant ’ s better in the Internet that be! By letting the orchids stand in water pot just yet why won ’ t know which approach take! Of, repotted added new moss, changed its position in contact with water afterward not so sure and?. The healthy roots are starting to look at my pictures I sent.! Suffer but it will if you need to make sure you get rid of the hydrogen peroxide on?... Over the pot, because they can ’ t changed watering schedules, light, temp humidity! Helps by aerating the roots… so when you use it it ’ s overall growth it I... Shocks them typically happens when an orchid ( about 21 orchid root rot vs healthy roots dollars over! Home to find an orchid suffering from root rot, hydrogen peroxide is more than... Is never a good thing healthy green part, then when this account help… unfortunately the one one. Pots but had a lower leaf yellow and brown roots and repotted while 2 spikes in! Leaf color spike and a root and possibly another one getting ready across your hydrogen peroxide ( %! Can send you pictures of the plant ’ s that explains this better off.
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