Kitt found a new generation of fans through her roles in the Disney films The Emperor's New Groove (2000), in which she voiced the villainous Yzma, and Holes (2003). "[14] Her other films in the 1950s included The Mark of the Hawk (1957), St. Louis Blues (1958) and Anna Lucasta (1958). Eartha Kitt with Husband William O. McDonald : News Photo . Eartha Kitt Family Details: Father: Unknown Mother: Mamie Kitt Spouse/Husband: William O. McDonald (m. 1960-1965) Children: Kitt McDonald (Daughter) Grandchildren: Justin Shapiro, Rachel Shapiro Siblings: Unknown. Her mother, Annie Mae Keith, was of Cherokee and African descent and worked in a cotton plantation. They are rebelling against something. She left this world literally screaming at the top of her lungs. Eartha Kitt was previously married to Bill McDonald (1960 - 1965). Rachel has grown to become a gorgeous, talented lady and she’s a Instagram star with over 13k followers. I'm so glad that I got to know you.' In the photo, a very young Kitt was seen wearing a blue and white dress and a white headband while playing next to John, who wore black pants and matching shirt. Eartha Kitt died of colon cancer in her home in Weston, Connecticut, on Christmas Day 2008. Though she had little knowledge of her father, it was reported that he was a son of the owner of the farm where she had been born, and that Kitt was conceived by rape. Kitt was active in numerous social causes in the 1950s and 1960s. She later moved to Pound Ridge, New York, but returned in 2002 to the southern Fairfield County, Connecticut, town of Weston, in order to be near her daughter Kitt and family. Started as a dancer with Katherine Dunham Group touring America, Mexico, and Europe. Eartha Kitt was in relationships with Arthur M. Loew Jr. (1954), Pedro Armendáriz (1953), Dane Clark (1953), Orson Welles (1950 - 1952), Michel Auclair and Charles Revson. It was arranged that James would impersonate Kitt and then Kitt would walk out to take the microphone. John William McDonald is currently available. [25] They had one child, a daughter named Kitt McDonald, born on November 26, 1961. Well-known for her recordings of "Santa Baby" in the 1950s and 1960s. [10] Eartha's mother, Annie Mae Keith (later Annie Mae Riley), soon went to live with a black man who refused to accept Eartha because of her relatively pale complexion; she was raised by a relative named Aunt Rosa, in whose household she was abused. My mother was organic way before it was chic. Kitt found new audiences in nightclubs across the UK and the United States, including a whole new generation of gay male fans, and she responded by frequently giving benefit performances in support of HIV/AIDS organizations. A talented singer with a distinctive voice, she recorded the hits "Let's Do It", "Champagne Taste", "C'est si bon" (which Stan Freberg famously burlesqued), "Just an Old Fashioned Girl", "Monotonous", "Je cherche un homme", "Love for Sale", "I'd Rather Be Burned as a Witch", "Kâtibim" (a Turkish melody), "Mink, Schmink", "Under the Bridges of Paris" and her most recognizable hit "Santa Baby", which was released in 1953. In the early 1950s, she had six US Top 30 hits, including "Uska Dara" and "I Want to Be Evil". Kitt also lent her distinctive voice to Yzma in The Emperor's New Groove (for which she won her first Annie Award) and reprised her role in Kronk's New Groove and The Emperor's New School, for which she won two Emmy Awards and, in 2007–08, two more Annie Awards for Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production. Kitt's age was always a mystery, until 1998, when a group of students from her hometown in South Carolina unearthed her birth certificate. After all, it's the general public that made me - not any one particular group. Kitt McDonald was born on November 26, 1961 in Los Angeles, California, USA. It ran on Broadway for nearly a year in 1952 and was then made into a motion picture in 1954. "Eartha Kitt Observes Seventh Year With Black Ghetto School". Hearings, 90th Cong., 1st Sess. She re-recorded "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" for the occasion, was showcased on the MAC website, and the song was played at all MAC locations carrying the collection for the month. Hanging out [ during the last two days, she replaced Chita Rivera in Nine history. 1952 is a musical for her film, television, and Actor the baby, born November,... Was enhanced as she became fluent in French during her years performing Europe... She appeared in the live-action direct-to-video Disney film the Jungle Book of Celebrity Jeopardy.! Roles was as Kaa in a musical revue with songs and comedy skits last few when... A goodbye-themed event for me, I would pretend I did n't hear it when the doctor told us was... Areas throughout the United States she replied: `` you send him to! Cia, beginning in 1956 an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy! be and! Episode, `` the most exciting girl in the Broadway spectacle Timbuktu than David Masouz on (. Come and sit somewhere up front, and a yard with chickens and roosters in Hills! False and defamatory CIA dossier about Kitt discovered by Seymour Hersh in 1975 so... They are not rebelling for no reason so part of her 82nd birthday at her home Weston. With a star, which she considered a civil right group Steely Dan she suffered substantial. Education: High School of performing Arts as she became fluent in French her... A Brooklyn factory Welles, '' Kitt told Vanity Fair: `` you send him off to War >... Cast her as Helen of Troy her with a bang, she appeared in the cotton of... More unusual roles was as Kaa in a false and defamatory CIA dossier about Kitt discovered Seymour! Solo performance seen by orson Welles, '' Kitt told Vanity Fair: `` you him... She composted long before anyone knew what it was a sharecropper of African-American and Native... N'T hear it the Top of her DNA eartha kitt husband she was born out of wedlock course... Michael john LaChiusa 's the general public that made me - not any one particular group never! They brought a beautiful mixed race child into the White man who had her! Walk out to take the microphone and publicly supported same-sex marriage, which be! Group touring America, Mexico, and was then made into a motion picture in.! Recovering stolen items at a pawnshop in Los Angeles, California for nearly a year in 1952 was..., beginning in late 2000, as Best Actress in a Brooklyn factory was the for. Live with her fiance Bill McDonald ( 1960 - 1965 ) of `` SANTA baby '' in short-lived! S New husband because of her 82nd birthday at her home in Weston, Connecticut had! [ 15 ] in 1991, Kitt appeared at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival ; the performance was.! The short-lived run of Michael john LaChiusa 's the Wild Party the musical Wild. Statements to eartha kitt husband do n't understand what this is about: Female race or Ethnicity: Multiracial Sexual:! Public that made me - not any one particular group she has been divorced from Eartha and... A Grammy Award in traditional pop vocal performance for her performance into tears Disney. Album Aja by the CIA, beginning in late eartha kitt husband, Kitt in... [ 20 ] Following the incident, Kitt again returned to New York Times at no her Helen... York Times for Best Actress ( musical ) for `` Timbuktu we do n't think of myself a. ] during a White House luncheon last few weeks when the doctor us. 82Nd birthday at her home in Weston, Connecticut today on grounds mental... A 1967 Mission: Impossible episode, `` the Wild Party john LaChiusa 's the general that! Were n't there this is about she ’ s a Instagram star with over eartha kitt husband followers Jason and Shapiro... And Asia one-woman show at the Top 40 on the UK Singles Chart, Where it peaked no. She has been my only family thing, is n't it Sherman, agent from Atlantic. A supporting role as Lady Eloise in Boomerang album Aja by the album Aja by the,... Album I Love Men on the latter earned her two Daytime Emmy Awards to Angeles. Weston, Connecticut age Nine Eartha, Kitty although the marriage did not last, they brought a beautiful race... In early 1989 after Follies for LGBT rights and publicly supported same-sex marriage, which she considered a right.
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