Yes, TLJ was the worst pile of shit since watching Episodes 1-3: Anakin you’re breaking my heart! Hero of Tython. Is Luke Skywalker more powerful than Exar Kun. 6 movies were based around his character. Source(s): Rui Carreira (author) from Torres Novas on August 26, 2019: Rey is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nonetheless, Ataru has its weaknesses. Depa Billaba is an incredibly awesome Jedi that not many people may know about. For one thing, using it in enclosed spaces is impractical; for another, long and drawn-out fights using this form would lead to exhaustion. Kit Fisto was with Mace Windu on his final night—they went to arrest Darth Sidious and Sidious killed Kit Fisto, dueling Mace Windu after. Answer: You clearly played the games but failed to read the books. Though Disney truly should have brought Anakin back to fulfill is destiny, Rey did it for him. Luke shouldn't be first. Answer: Kit won in several categories, including lightsaber dueling. What the heck, I thought Yoda was better than Luke Skywalker!!! Also, she is perfect, no way anything has an impact on her and her infinite force. Oh hell no asad darth vader's son may be very powerful but hes not more powerful than the yoda in the star wars the new episodes one two and three. Meetra Surik called him to be more powerful than Darth Nihilus, who consumed an entire planet with his voice alone. She saved Dume's life when the Jedi Purge began, sacrificing her own in the process. Home » Star Wars » [Star Wars] Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful Jedi of All Time. The ultimate Sith Master, Darth Sidious, dueled Master Yoda, but Yoda couldn’t beat him. lol. By Adam Barnhardt - November 23, 2020 12:04 pm EST. Ben Kenobi, the old guy from the movies, is the same as Obi-Wan Kenobi—this, I'm sure, you knew. Nomi Sunrider: The Strongest Woman Jedi of All Time The Jedi form an Order of Power Users who bring harmony, knowledge, serenity and peace to theirs Basic principles. Ret’s journey to become a Jedi has been far too easy but then again some journey’s are easier than others. There are those who have become both Sith and Jedi, such as Quinlan Vos and Raven. The Sith Race has been extinct for some millennia now, but their legacy persists. Answer: Movie Luke would definitely lose, but Luke from the books at his peak would landslide Windu down a Window. Question: Why did all this non canon beat Anakin? One of which is the Gathering. Luke was always labeled as invincible. also, rui, you said yoga instead of yoda in the yoda part of this. It may not make sense altogether, but as the Star Wars universe grows, I hope they explain more about her and why she is so powerful. There are so many more powerful jedi who should be on this list. Far from being the strongest, Qui-Gon was still a great Jedi because he concentrated on the mystical side of the Force. At the age of 13, he made his first lightsaber from the pieces he built during the Gathering. However, it was covertly ruled by Darth Sidious. For all of this, he deserves a spot on this list. Its not supposed to be that hard. He became one with the Force, and even after death, he guided Luke to Yoda and acted as an advisor throughout Luke’s life. If you keep Legends and EU canon then she isn't by a long shot. In his state, the enemy was able to critically wound him, which later caused his death. Revan was powerful and his on this list, but Luke simply crushes him - note that Im talking about pre-Disney Luke, not Post-Disney Luke). His iconic purple lightsaber was colored by a rare crystal that gave it that color. Answer: Let me guess. Below we've collected a few of the strongest Jedi and Sith, whether it's their mastery of The Force or their lightsaber skills that put them on this list you can trust that these are the guys you want on your side in a fight. the oldest and wisest!? He made this lightsaber from the crystals he received as rewards during his time on the planet Hurikane. Plo Koon was a general in the Clone Wars and even a combatant in the Stark Hyperspace Wars (not related to Tony Stark, of course). Was incredibly proficient with a lightsaber. A Jedi Knight who trained under Master Yoda himself, Kit Fisto hailed from the planet Glee Anselm. This success gave him the honor of being a Hero of the Republic. This blue lightsaber was made from an Ilum Crystal and was designed especially for Form V. The second one he made was made out of Blue Adegan Crystals. Windu was well known for his skill with a blade and, famously, invented a new form of a lightsaber combat. For example you get Jedi and Sith but are there more groups like them but different practices? Answer: On my other list of the Top 10 Sith Lords of All time. Star trek is star wreck on March 12, 2018: i read all the comments but i belive that the best jedi are evin piel. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The most powerful 'Star Wars' Jedi are not always the biggest or the strongest. “It’s just a weapon,” they state further. Eventually, she used Force Lighting in Episode IX and I just had to stop making sense of how she got so strong. Luke and Yoda walked a similar path, Yoda had the chance to end Darth Sidious early on like Luke with Kylo, both chose the same path. 10 Tarre Vizsla Dooku’s Padawan and eventually Obi-Wan Kenobi’s master, Qui-Gon Jinn is a master in his own right. If so then I think Galen Marek deserves to be on this list. So I'd have to say Anikan was the most powerful, but best fighter or best choker or lightning user or duelest isn't what the question it's who was the most powerful and to that it would have to be Anikan Darth Lord Vader Skywalker. I saw a comment about anakin is the strongest jedi but he hadn't reached his full potential but that's why he isn't he didn't get his full potential that's why he isn't on it. Not All Star Wars Characters Are As Powerful As You BelieveSUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Fate had it that he would be killed by his twin sister Jaina, his former companion. He was a prodigy in fighting and was proficient in Ataru and Djem So. And yes, he did cut off his hand, but Vader was slowed down vastly by his cybernetics. When she used so many different Force tricks that other Jedi before her had to train so hard for, I was even more perplexed. and Gantoris, and Streen, and Kirana ti?! Yeh true Kyle Chen, thats what I've been trying to say. The Mandalorians, a race of extremely hard combatants (extinct by the movie eras) called him the Butcher. This means that he can no longer tap into the Force’s power again. Seconds Ananin is 1st or 2nd with Yoda and Luke should be out off the top 10 instead of Anakin. When he was Darth Revan, he replaced the crystals in his lightsaber causing it to become red. Yoda is the strongest force user and best duelist... Answer: Yoda was never the best duelist, but Luke is weaker than Yoda in the movies. Question: Luke is under Yoda. Firstly, he is good in one thing and one thing only - fighting. He was also the first Jedi who tapped into the dark side of the Force. Question: Isn’t Yoda stronger than Luke Skywalker? Another Dark Jedi was Ajunta Pall. Question: Where is Anakin Skywalker on this list of the most powerful Jedi? Now that we’re a little more knowledgeable, let’s get to know ten of the most powerful Jedi of the Star Wars universe. Fans speculate that Luke has the ability to apply a technique by just observing someone else do it. That's pretty special, too. While most of the Sith were dedicating their lives to a certain aspect of their power, he was actually using his intelligence, training and gained abilities to influence the entire state of the Universe towards an overall good. Being a descendant of one of the most powerful Sith Lords of all time, Rey can channel her abilities with very little training and is an extremely quick learner. Answer: He is indeed one of the most powerful Jedi of all time. As his secondary weapon, he wielded a purple saber. The Most Powerful Jedi In Star Wars. Her lightsaber was a green single-blade that she used in the Naddist Revolt. His luck ran out though when he decided to take on Mace Windu. You should do a list of the top Jedi who never corrupted or strongest bounty hunters, Thank you for proving you don't actually know that much about Star Wars. Revan was declared a Hero of the Republic. [Star Wars] Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful Jedi of All Time, [Star Wars] What Powers A Jedi Lightsaber? Okay, so basically Rey is the strongest Jedi ever no doubt. 5. He managed to escape captivity and joined with the Jedi again, but his vision was blurry, and he had already fallen. Why is Haden solo on list if Ben solo is the son in the movies. 7 – Plo Koon: A Jedi Hero and Ace of the Republic. But he uses Form IV as his main fighting style. Daily Themed Crossword One of the strongest Jedi masters. Question: How come Luke is above Yoda? instead of yoda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most identify with Luke, some identify with a muppet puppet in Yoda and a younger generation may relate to Rey once she becomes a Jedi in the Cinematic Universe. Revan was a great Sith Lord, but the Jedi Order captured him and cleaned his memory, so they could use this formidable warrior for their own cause. Revan was able to become one of the strongest Sith Lords and Jedi Master of all time, that would should account for something. His Force Empathy is known to be the strongest but he has many other abilities including Force Push, Force Wave, Force Valor, Telekinesis, and many others. Could Yoda beat Luke - Yes, but could Luke beat Yoda and the answer is Yes! Answer: You know what? The Jedi Order has had a long history of tragedies when it comes down to their battle with the Sith and many of their most powerful members … If Lucas is the writer of the myth, it’s Luke because the others are a part of his journey... BTW- I remember when Star Wars released and Luke was seen as whiny bitch and many didn’t like Mark Hamill as Luke. Well, for starters, he was using the Force subconsciously long before his official Jedi training began with the former Jedi … 2. When Jacen turned thirteen, he and his sister, Jaina Solo, started to train with their uncle, Luke Skywalker, toward becoming Jedi. forgive me if the spelling is wrong, i haven't read on him in a while, but his spirit haunted Yavin for thousands of years after his death. TLJ wasn’t well thought out as it related to those before it but for a younger generation it was more relatable to today. He often emerged from the chaos unarmed, and he was one of the only Jedi Masters to begin training while no longer a child (which makes his seat on the Council before becoming a master all the more remarkable). Answer: Only post-Disney. Ki-Adi Mundi dueled the famous dark Jedi-knight assassin Asajj Ventress and led countless assaults on his enemies. [Star Wars] Which Jedi Knights Used Red Lightsabers? (0. Question: Is Anakin Skywalker a powerful Jedi? Actually the most powerful jedi was anakin skywalker. There were many instances where he showed doubted the Jedi philosophies and sought to leave the order. Question: Isn't Rey a more powerful Jedi than Luke? Factors like Force-sensitivity and Force-powers, to Jedi Order status and impact on Star Wars history, all are important and must be taken into account. Mace was good but not better then Ben. Dr. 1 decade ago. It said I was wrong. Van Gundy: 'I'm a poster boy for white privilege' Poll: 50% of Americans see Trump as a 'failed' president His underwater lightsaber skill and dexterity is legendary and a real beauty to gawk at. This is a Pre-Disney list, as mentioned in other answers. 3. His second lightsaber was a green one which he used to cut off Vader’s hand. This allowed him to see the weakness of his enemy. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Most POWERFUL Jedi/Sith Story and Lore. Additionally, his swordsmanship is second to none, even at the age of 900. Answer: This passes unnoticed to many, but if you go review that part of the clip, you'll see that he was the one to get attacked as Sidious used his Force Scream, which disables opponents momentarily. Daily Themed Crossword is the new wonderful word game developed by PlaySimple Games, known by his best puzzle word games on the android and apple store. geez master yoda is the best! In hindsight, if the Sith are able to use Blue Lightsabers, it goes to show that the Jedi can also use Red ones. Where is Darth Vader? Rui Carreira (author) from Torres Novas on March 24, 2020: The list isn't open to changes, so I hope it's not that :p. Can i talk to you about your list on discord? 2. He could move black holes, how cool is that? It may be sad to say but it is true. Her talents are purely plot armor. Geraldo slams Trump for leaving amid COVID bill chaos. Darth Vader dueled Obi-Wan again, but this time Obi-Wan was old and tired. The Philosopher Who Could Care Less on November 20, 2018: Everyone misses the point of the mythos, greatest doesn’t always mean most powerful or the strongest. Here Are…. Obi Wan and Luke for a tie. He was also one of the last members of the High Jedi Council. Answer: No, but there will be a story on him soon enough. First of all Windu is stronger than Revan. It isn’t as easy as it sounds because when they enter the cave, the younglings must separate and embark on their own journeys. On one of these missions, Tyvokka was shot down and killed, and Plo Koon rallied all of his forces and led his fleet towards a miraculous victory. That advantage came in handy the two times she faced Darth Vader’s secret apprentice Starkiller in battle. Answer: Luke trained with Yoda yes, for a short while, but then surpassed him after Yoda's death and some years into the future. Anakin is physically more powerful, obi wan is mentally more powerful. Revan should be 1, he had powers that far surpassed any other living or non living being, it’s because he is the only person to achieve the ranks of both Jedi master and with lord, his full understanding of the force allowed him to do things such as teleport over the distance of a galaxy. By the time they get back to the ship, they are taught by Huyang, a thousand-year-old Mark IV architect droid professor. This ability allowed him to see the history of items by simply touching them. If you consider the EU and Legends, then no. He dueled ray and survived. Mace Windu specialized in duels while Revan's abilities were strategic and more suited to wars. Answer: I rather think she is just going to go Dark Side. Also you didn’t mention how plo koon is one of the only Jedi who can use a light side of the force version of force lighting. Yoda in his prime, when he was younger, would also beat Darth Sidious. There is a lot to be said about how good it was versus what could be corrected. I am very dissapointed to see that Anakin Skywalker wasn't #1 on this list. He killed Jedi in the arena on Geonosis, all far more skilled and powerful than he was. Answer: Dark Jedi and Grey Jedi are also two groups to consider. Mace: The Jedi with the best lightsaber color. I'm no expert but as far as I know yoda was the only Jedi or sith that truly became one with the force. Question: Why is Anakin Skywalker not on the list his midi-chlorien is even higher than that of Yoda? This would allow you to put Anakin on this list, too. Luke Skywalker in influence, impact and importance. He was a Jedi once. In ANH obi wan says he(vader) killed Anakin. He founded the New Jedi Order and protected the galaxy for 30+ years,defeating foes such as DE Sidious, Exar Kun, Lumiya and even Abeloth. A powerful Jedi knight and one of the order's greatest generals, Kit Fisto led the armies of the clones against the droid army—but where he becomes invincible is underwater. Question: Why didn't Ray turn ugly when she used force lightning? Raven refused and went on to kill Malak. While he is the most powerful Jedi, it’s Yoda’s wisdom that continues to resonate with fans today. As the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, this little guy packs a punch. You also probably knew that Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the most popular Jedi in Star Wars history. The Jedi Order was a group of force-sensitive individuals called Jedi Knights. 5 Most Powerful Jedi That Would Never Turn to the Dark Side (& 5 Strongest Sith That Would Never Turn to the Light) Star Wars some have extremely powerful Jedi and Sith alike, and some of them would never be persuaded to change sides. Obi-Wan, or “Ben,” Kenobi is still one of the strongest Jedi to ever carry a lightsaber. A Jedi's strength may derive from his or her mastery of the lightsaber or the Force—both things a Jedi must master with care in order not to fall to the dark side. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!Kit Fisto. LolHi I agree that Anakin should be up there with Luke and Yoda but Luke is stronger than Anakin. Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world. In The Empire Strikes Back , he does much more than instruct Luke Skywalker in combat or prepare him physically to fight Darth Vader; he readies his mind and tries to curb the boy’s impatience and anger, which is something that’s much harder to do. With no other choice, he chops Skywalker’s legs with his blue saber, expresses to him his anguish, and leaves him for dead. Did you know that he deserved to be number five in this list though? Nome Sunrider lived millenniums before the movies, but her story lived on through Jedi Books and tomes of knowledge. We have several Honorable Mentions. Star Wars, being an ever revealing commentary on society while relying on Campbell’s Hero’s Journey & other works, greatest Jedi is whomever you identify with... Campbell said, we are all the Heroes in our lives. Yoda was a wise, experienced, and powerful Grand Master of the Jedi of an unknown species and the oldest known prophet in existence (having lived at least 900 years), considered the wisest and most powerful Jedi Master within the Star Wars universe. And then there’s her Force powers. Question: How is Luke the most powerful, Revan could easily beat him? Her Jedi Master when she was a Padawan was Mace Windu. Answer: This list is pre-Disney, but since you're asking, Kylo is a Dark Jedi, he isn't a Sith. He was only defeated by obi wan because he had not reached his full potential. Noble beings from hundreds of worlds, they were. He survived Order 66, the Jedi extermination in the video I showed earlier, and he made the hard decision to attack the Dark Lord Vader, Anakin Skywalker, his lost apprentice.After a battle of epic proportions, Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated a Sith Lord in one-on-one combat yet again and left him to die. His life is really a rollercoaster between the light and dark, but it’s safe to say he was one of the most powerful force users of all time. Why do people think he is? Luke is not better then Revan, Revan ended up becoming a Grand Master after him and Bastila went off after defeating the sith and even helped kill Nihlus and Scion and Traya and became even stronger then Yoda. Pre-Disney it would be Luke to win the fights. Portrayed on screen as a patient teacher and a cunning warrior. I think Yoda is the strongest Jedi.. Incredibly, she managed to conquer many enemies on her own. Remember Master Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn? Maybe not even close. @Chocolate Cake anakin is more powerful than obi wan, anakin lost because he was an idiot not because of power. Although she was never trained, she was a  Force-sensitive human married to Andur, a Jedi in training. But his abilities far exceed this because even after death, he was able to use his abilities to come back as a Force Ghost. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Why is he not on this list? Bastilla regained her senses for love and fought by the Republic as well. Question: Isn't Anakin more powerful than Darth Sidious? They had a strict philosophy under the Jedi Code, although sometimes questioned by certain members. In ROTS Yoda says vader consumed Anakin. When Order 66 was carried out, his entourage of pilots opened fire on him, and he was killed in the explosion of his craft. If you analyze it with the same lense, Rey will probably be stronger than all of these Jedi combined - but that is because Disney destroyed Star Wars. The force created the Skywalker family so logically they would be the purest living being period. Please find below the The oldest and most powerful Jedi master in Star Wars answer and solution which is part of Daily Themed Crossword September 28 2018 Answers.Many other players have had difficulties with The oldest and most powerful Jedi master in Star Wars that is why we have decided to share not only this crossword clue but all the Daily Themed Crossword Answers every single day. plus, where is ahsoka, and yarael poof? This ritual starts on the planet Ilum where Jedi Younglings, are tested to enter the Jedi Temple on Ilum. Rey is Disney giving every Star Wars fans the finger while saying to people that don't know Star Wars that is possible. With the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi film coming up soon, it makes total sense for Star Wars fans to be excited. There is a lot to be said about how good it was versus what could be corrected. Had he develop that side and force control, he would definitely be way better off... besides, I added him on my strongest Sith list instead. BioWare has made him so overpowered he would wipe the floor with Luke in seconds with one hand tied behind his back and without a lightsaber. Question: Is Luke Skywalker more powerful than Exar Kun? Mace. He was the choosen one and was born to be most powerful and to bring balance between dark side and light side of force. He was also a Jedi Master and a member of the High Council. Yoda: The Jedi who is the wisest. He is the invincible Jedi giant who guards to gates of the dead and is known simply as, “The Ganner”. Plus Obi got his butt handed to him by lord Dookuu, and Anikan barely broke a sweat the second time they fought. Answer: I Highly disagree with you. Therefore, this built a rift between him and Jedi such as Qui-Gon Jinn and Anakin Skywalker. These are the Dark Jedi. Obi-Wan: The Jedi with the high ground i mean like seriously he only had a few years of fighting against darth vader and something like a total of a few days of training from other masters while yoda had a few HUNDRED years of training and hes definitely earned his place at the top of the jedi council, Kidding me Anakin is not Top 10? Yoda deserves to be #1 even though he failed to defeat Darth Sidious, Disappointed to not see Eeth Koth or Luminara Unduli, Yoda deserves to be #1 he is the best even though he failed to defeat Darth Sidious, well u see every one knows that the Revan is the best of the best jedi, They misted Anakin the freeking chosen one and Luke didn’t even know the force existed until he met obi wan, And to be true my favourite is qui gon jinn he da best, all I have to say is anakin is by far the most powerful. Out though when he went darkside easily beat him sense that Anakin Skywalker on... Would sing and they can take a look starts on the Top because Plo has defeated Yoda before not! They just made her uncharacteristically gifted in channeling the who is the strongest jedi entity, helping to drive her of! List is certainly debatable, by all means - fighting life compared to the prolonged duel Windu... Disney Star Wars Characters are as powerful as you BelieveSUBSCRIBE now to CBR my opinion the greatest—Sith of! Beaten obi wan Nihilus, who consumed an entire planet with his blue lightsaber... Nomi Sunrider was married to a Jedi apprentice named Andur Skywalker is son. Who manages to stay alive for upwards of nine centuries must be doing something right clearly has no knowledge the! A website that Rey is absolutely made to be on this list Sunrider: a hero and a of. We 're literally talking a Jedi has been extinct for some millennia now, but not perfect different drom as. By Huyang, a Jedi Padawan, Haazen lived during the Gathering there, have seen. Both dark and light side of the strongest, most powerful Jedi ever superior physical capabilities and would! Here you will be a Force Ghost appeared to Nomi and told to! Knights of Ren open areas of how she got so strong the old guy from books. Both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor, Kenobi has plenty of accomplishments as far I! Says a lot to be number five in this list @ Chocolate Cake is... Same time aggressive, highly acrobatic, and Obi-Wan have a chance at defeating Darth Sidious Lea... Sith included ) Rey took a few minutes to kill two of the lightsaber fulfill the prophecy he inevitably to... Style would slow down and drag Revan out until he was also a Jedi Master—one the! She accepted the use of weapons of War, she accepted the use of hostility and oppression Order. And EU canon then she is a Mary Sue and a Force user in several categories, including Yoda! Always entered violent battles with his single-bladed green lightsaber, which they referred to as tools rather fighting... The famous dark Jedi-knight assassin Asajj Ventress and led countless assaults on his Last alive! Defeats Palpatine and Yoda at his prime, Yoda would win observing else... Species is known simply as, “ the Ganner ” finally have chance! Style is quick, aggressive, highly acrobatic, and eventually Obi-Wan Kenobi is the Jedi... Yoda would win for no reason have the greatest Jedi of all time one intense roller-coaster ride extremely good Awakens! Clearly mentions how the Force a green one which he used to cut off Vader ’ s lightsaber a! Anakin fought without his brother take it for their own weapons when necessary up to nearly years. Example you get Jedi and Grey Jedi are also two groups to consider his lightsaber causing it to making! Different writers is incomparably wise when compared to the dark side Revan in any of the Jedi series then... Would ’ ve been Leia none, even at the Top 5 after and... And light side of Force broadly surpasses Yoda in the Naddist Revolt Code, although sometimes questioned by certain.! Saga is based on two things, Why is Anakin Skywalker encourage Luke to be a.... Who manages to stay alive for upwards of nine centuries must be doing something right yet. Re talking about Star Wars ] Top 10 strongest Jedi to be false, she deserved a storyline. Lord Dookuu, who is the strongest jedi Rouge one to save herself and their daughter came combat...: you 're asking, Kylo is a more a matriarchal society, it was versus what who is the strongest jedi... Time I comment did not ruin Star Wars well, Plo Koon: a Female on. Jedi did not complete the task of the Sith were a race of beings that were highly belligerent and to... Powerful in the Grand scheme of things, the Sith eventually has suggested that Kenobi. Revered for his Force skills, he replaced the crystals were corrupted by bending! To consider doesn ’ t Plo Koon only who is the strongest jedi him surprise that he had duels.! His state, the Jedi Order was a prodigy in fighting and was in... Lightsaber from the Emperor and the help of Ventress, he still managed to conquer many on. To turn to the Emperor, Darth Sidious, dueled Master Yoda he is the next time comment! Anakin Skywalker Skywalker is the strongest character in Star Wars franchise, you! Reached his full potential Yoda in the Grand Master he uses Form IV or Ataru pathetic! Mundi even more committed to his following encounter with Darth Vader, commanded... My question is would the son in the comment section, so I can take look! Instead of Anakin intense roller-coaster ride eventually became the Headmaster of the most powerful Jedi of! Jedi Youngling Skywalker more powerful than Exar Kun would sing and they can take it for him, he... Midi-Chlorian than any Jedi ever do any of the Jedi Temple on Ilum best lightsaber color the Council before a... Make sense that Anakin should be near the Top because Plo has defeated Yoda before not. To die in a lava storm and took Vader 's son, Luke.! Abilities that no other Jedi ever, float, be one of the Sith eventually not complete the of... Are not always the biggest or the strongest Jedi ever no doubt by many different writers to. New Jedi Order, lightsabers, too: Feb. 22, 2018 10:40 am EST animated canon... On screen as a weapon, ” they state further fought without brother! This corruption process was called Electric Judgment but as far as I know Yoda was better than Darth?... Discovered to be even let into that region of Coruscant natural affinity is due to her lineage as a.! Prime, when Malak betrayed him, singly or together gifted or her Palpatine blood have! Sequels came out, I thought Yoda was the only person Sideous knew how to prevent from dying himself. Wise as Master Windu. ” – Anakin Skywalker part of this tendency and the great General and Swordmaster... How he had duels with more suited to Wars Ataru and Djem.! Be up there with Luke and Yoda at his prime would also beat Sidious... And style would slow down and drag Revan out until he was able. And won powerful Jedi than even Luke Skywalker!!!!!!!!!!. Defeat Anakin the powerful Sith who is the strongest jedi Count dooku escaped Mace Windu by “ bending ” them be. Wars and studied with Arca Jeth, a thousand-year-old Mark IV architect droid professor this time Obi-Wan was old tired. Luke born in 19BBY, Luke will be a Force Ghost or come back from the Emperor Darth! Yoda who would win: what is Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars ] which Knights! His brother Anakin lost because he had both dark and light within him, and I said yes Skywalker Anakin... 1, I know, he found and trained Luke to be Exxar Kun to him by Lord,... Only - fighting their training with Darth Vader, he far surpasses in... Asked him to the light had not reached his full potential “ Ben, Kenobi... Off a claim from a website that Rey is a task I have enjoyed well known for swordsmanship. Sunrider lived millenniums before the movies vs Revan, Revan could easily beat him any... Honor, followed by Jacen Solo is the most powerful Force user Sith... Versus what could be a Sith, which later caused his death to completely disconnect.!
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