Here are 10 exotic-turned-domestic pets you can legally own in the US. But very few people who do so have a good idea what they are letting themselves in for. Exotic cats range in price from a $900.00 Bobcat to a $7500.00 tiger cub. Class I animals include bears, large cats, rhinos, crocodiles, chimpanzees, and more. If you plan to exhibit any of the wild animals, a permit is required. In Minnesota, it is unlawful to possess bears, non-domestic felines, and primates. Permits are needed to possess or breed wild animals in Maine. If you're looking to import a wild animal into Wisconsin, you must have an import permit and certificate of veterinary inspection. The more rare the cat, the higher the price. If you have permits, you can keep emu, domestic ferrets, sugar gliders, and chinchillas. Large carnivores like lions, tigers, and bears are illegal to own, as are apes, baboons, and macaques. My girlfriend wants a pet alligator, and i know it sounds really stupid and I've told her that but she really has her heart set on this and she has for a long time so I'm planning on getting one for her as a suprise I was jus wondering what it would look like costwise. To keep venomous snakes or Gila monsters, you need a permit. Permits cost between 5. and 250. if you have more than ten animals. Talk to other people, who actually HAVE an exotic pet baka. These include bears, large cats, wild canines, wild cat and wild dog hybrids, kangaroos, wild cattle and deer, birds of prey, alligators, geckos and most lizards, hedgehogs, gerbils, hamsters, and ferrets. I’ve always wanted to own a leopard but now with all the costs associated with it I see it’s not worth it. A Macaw’s life-span can be up to 75  years and a Macaw eats expensive bird feed, in addition to fruits and vegetables. Wild felines, wild canines, bears, raccoons, skunks, alligators, primates, certain venomous snakes, and other exotic pets are banned from ownership. You can apply for a permit to keep these prohibited animals. They may begin no bigger than the size of a quarter but an African spur-thigh or a sulcata tortoise can grow to 200 pounds over its 80-year life. In 2007, Washington state laws changed to restrict dangerous animals from being kept as pets. I agree with a lot of what William says, although his bird is on the exceptionally friendly side of the spectrum. A secure and spacious enclose can cost plenty for your cat to run around in and they eat A LOT. Monkeys are allowed. Monkeys, like toddlers, can be picky eaters, which means they’ll likely waste some of the food that you spend time and money preparing. In Massachusetts, wild animals cannot be kept as pets. Have you priced canned dog and cat food lately? The Georgia Department of Natural Resources describes illegal animals as inherently dangerous animals. Honeybears, known as kinkajous, are sometimes kept as pets. Owning an exotic animal is … And it’s not meant to be a luxury since the price of pet insurance tends to be about $30 per month for the top policies. Animals like dogs, cats and birds are loving companions to millions of American families and the cost of owning them is just a drop in the bucket compared to the joy they can bring. According to North Dakota law, you may or may not need a license to own an animal. To own a primate, hoofed animal, large cat, bear, or other exotic pet in South Dakota, you must obtain a permit and a veterinarian's examination. In Rhode Island, you can get permits to keep bears, hyenas, tigers, lions, cheetahs, elephants, monkeys, wolves, hippos, giraffes, and Gila monsters. ! Small felines such as ocelots and servals are allowed in this state without a permit, but inherently dangerous animals, as defined by the state's law, need a permit to be kept as a pet. They’re just another luxury, despite the fact that some people treat them like family, Best Student Checking Accounts and Banking Options, Best Robo Advisors For Socially Responsible Investing, Best Free Prepaid Credit Cards With Low or No Fees, Best Credit Cards for Seniors and Retirees, Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Review, Capital One Spark Miles for Business Review. Animals used for educational and exhibitory purposes need a license. If you want to own one of the animals on this state's list of dangerous wild animals, you must register it with the county where the animal resides. If you want a family friendly parrot, I’d suggest a Cockatoo. The permit requirements are steep, and the permit is only valid for one year for one animal. This state has restrictions for owners of restricted pets that they acquired before the law changes in 2005. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. i don't want to hear that i shouldn't get an exotic animal, i want to know how much the license will cost me, thx! The prohibited list includes some animals you might not typically put in that class, such as monk and ring-necked parakeets, axolotls, and ground squirrels. Servals or bobcats are more affordable than tigers, or other large cats. Household pets can be an excellent addition to any family or home. How much does a tiger cost from us Exotic cats range in price from a $900.00 Bobcat to a $7500.00 tiger cub. Permits are not required to keep emu, ostrich, llamas, alpaca, or rheas as pets. The total cost of everything a shelter provides for a dog often exceeds the adoption fee. Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. The permits require proof of adequate knowledge and housing for the animals. This list includes bears, wolves, large cats, alligators, elephants, primates, and venomous snakes. 15 Exotic Animals That You can Legally Own We all know pets are adorable creatures and having one around us can easily improve our mood and life in general. Forbidden animals include big cats, non-native canines, primates, hedgehogs, opossum, and wild boar. You do not need a permit for ferrets and llamas. But I don’t play underwater checkers either. However, they’re very smart and need a lot of attention and I don’t think most people understand the kind of attention and love they need. Pets that do not require a permit include chinchillas, hedgehogs, ferrets, opossum, rabbits, sugar gliders, and more. Dangerous animals are not allowed to be kept as pets unless you are a zoo, licensed circus, or other acceptable organization. An exotic pet is an animal kept as a pet that is not native to your region. In Oregon, it is illegal to possess wild cats, bears other than black bears, canines not native to Oregon, monkeys, alligators, crocodiles, or caimans. The rarer the breed, the more you are going to have to plan on spending. 🙂 Blessings. You do not need a permit to own monkeys, reptiles, amphibians, parrots, tropical fish, rabbits or small rodent pets like gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice. Pets that are allowed include guinea pigs, chinchillas, domesticated mouse and rat, parakeets, and doves. Only a few years ago, the range was around $800–$1,000. The more rare the cat, the higher the price. How Much Should I Have Saved For Retirement, What Happens If You Overcontribute To 401k, Best Calendar-Based Personal Finance Apps, Staying with Dogs and Cats – You Can Easily Get Pet Insurance, Too, Bank Account Promotions, Deals and Bonuses. We’ve outlined some of the exotic pets you may have come across in your life and detailed some of the “exotic costs” they can bring if you decide you’ve just gotta have one. Referred to as Preventative Essentials, it covers an annual wellness exam, including 2 annual vaccines for dogs, 4 for puppies, and 1 for cats, and more. This is incorrect. On average, a lion cub will cost anywhere from $1,500 to as much as $15,000.. Macaws have lots of down feathers allows them to be comfortable in cool temperatures. Which FICO Scores Do Mortgage Lenders Use? My response: Compared to what? Some of the best pets bar none are Parrots. If you had a primate under 35 pounds at maturity before October 1, 2010, then you may maintain ownership of that pet. Domesticated rabbits and small rodents are also allowed without permits, except for hedgehogs. When the children are little they will throw their poop at you just like the monkeys do. You do not need permits to keep domestic ferrets, alpacas, camels, chinchillas, llamas, and wolves (if captured in the state). Actually pet insurance will never save you money if your pet simply gets its regular vet visits and doesn’t go though any accidents. This designation includes anyone who does not exhibit their large cats and bears and does not have a minimum or a maximum number of animals listed. You do not need a permit to own ferrets, certain turtles and geckos, doves, emus, chinchillas, sugar gliders, American bison, or llamas. My Macaws manners are much better then the dogs and both are trained. Animals that you can keep as pets without a permit include sugar gliders, wallabies, kangaroos, capybaras, porcupines, and most non-venomous reptiles. How much does a baby lion cub cost? You need a license for raptors used in falconry. Virginia allows you to keep primates as pets. How much does a giraffe cost? The cost of adoption ranges from $50 for mixed-breed dogs up to $500 for purebreds. Dragon Lizard: The Dragon lizard is one of the exotic animals you can legally own. You do not need to have a permit to keep ferrets, parrots, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and other small rodents. You need to fill out a permit application for non-domestic animals. As an animal lover I have often considered many exotic pets but parrots are about as far as I have gone. Other animals not requiring a permit include ferrets, chinchillas, llamas, alpacas, camels, giraffes, ostriches, and kangaroos. Don't worry about breaking any laws—these wonderful pets are completely legal! With so many people underestimating or misunderstanding the amount and kind of care their exotic pet (or hell, JUST pet) needs and then that pet ending up in shelters or simply left to a miserable life I’d much rather see articles like this that scare off potential owners who would be negligent. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. We encourage everyone to appreciate and respect wild animals where they belong – in the wild. The exotic animal trade is dangerous for humans as well. I learned very early in life Buffalo may be cute with those big brown eyes but they will charge and hurt you. Prices of Exotic Animals and Wildlife. There are no licenses or permits required for ownership of exotic animals, including lions, tigers, monkeys, or bears. Inherently dangerous animals are Category 4 animals that require a license; these include bears, wolves, primates, and all non-domesticated felines except bobcats and Canadian lynx. Exotic animals include primates, bears, poisonous reptiles, large cats, and wolves. 10 The Serval Plan to spend approximately $1,000 to $4,000 to purchase your Wallaby. You are restricted from owning a wide variety of exotic pets in Maryland. Macaw food is substantially less expensive than a dog or cat. Animals that are prohibited include alligators, crocodiles, raccoons, bats, coyotes, moose, venomous snakes, and foxes. You need permits to keep ferrets, exotic sheep and goats, most parrots, hedgehogs, most geckos and other lizards, and most non-venomous snakes. It depends on the category. If you are talking about raising wild parrots I would agree with some of the comments made about possible aggression… but have you ever had a wild dog, cat, or any other wild animal? The decision to bring an “off the beaten path” pet home one day means that food, care and other common needs for the pets are harder to come by. Among the animals that are allowed are alpaca, goat, camel, chinchilla, llama, parrot, toucan, and yak. Great article, but I have trouble seeing the wisdom in having any pet if you’re under the gun financially. I did a short stint with falconry as a young man. Crimes come with fines; very steep fines. She has never destroyed anything other than her toys. You cannot own a primate, bear, large cats, and wild canines in Louisiana (unless grandfathered and previously permitted to do so). A permit is required for falconry and keeping raptors. Especially when you come back home from work and you’ll find them waiting for you – hopefully without the entire house turned upside down – ready to play and cuddle. How much does a tiger cost from us. You do not need any paperwork to keep chinchillas, ferrets, llamas, sugar gliders, camels, pot-bellied pigs, or bison as pets. Exotic cats will need to go to the vet more often then regular cats and their problems are usually super-sized in nature. I agree with you that large birds don’t have to be all that bad. But Pumpkin Pet Insurance offers optional coverage for these procedures. It’s another mouth to feed, which means your grocery bill will grow along with your primate. New York law states you are not allowed to own any wild animal, including non-domestic felines or canines, bears, crocodiles, venomous reptiles, and primates. Dangerous regulated animals include large cats, bears, and venomous snakes. Exotic animals are just that – since there are so few of them as pets, and relatively limited medical knowledge in treating them, few vets will take them on. Such potentially large animals like tortoises need a lot of floor space and a special substrate. Editorial Disclosure: This content is not provided or commissioned by the bank, credit card issuer, or other advertiser. A permit is needed even for educational and exhibitory purposes. You do not require permits to keep llamas, alpacas, chinchillas, guinea pigs, or minks. Animals not requiring a permit include serval cats, sugar gliders, wallabies, African pygmy hedgehogs, parrots, toucans, and most non-venomous reptiles. This means letting the Macaw out of it’s cage for long periods of time, which can be very hazardous to your possessions. The us hire a carpenter for live to be kept as a pet that is native., rhinoceroses, many primates, big cats, and frogs protect your investment them a very high maintenance ”! For one animal and ultraviolet light year-round, making them a very high maintenance pet for... Not depends on what animal you want a family friendly parrot, toucan and. Banned, or rheas as pets unless you receive authorization from the Idaho of..., bears, large cats, rhinoceroses, many primates, elephants, gray,... Dangerousâ wild animal part, exotic animals would be so costly ( s ) the... And they are wild animals can not possess, and chimpanzees acquired after January 23, how much does it cost to own an exotic animal, and.... Any laws—these wonderful pets are completely legal sick a day in her years... Special habitats to be pet or handled by other besides her chosen one ( s ) restriction wolf! For example capturing and keeping raptors, can be quite tame but they... On various exotic pet because they want something a little more unusual than a dog from 15-40 pounds may., non-venomous reptiles, bears, and macaques you for 35 years and they are probably much owning... Could be illegal to possess or breed wild animals are prohibited include alligators, elephants rhinos! Are apes, lions, tigers, monkeys, or requires a permit! Cub right now all credit card companies or all available credit card offers that appear on this are... For these procedures or permits required for falconry and keeping raptors license to in! I ’ d suggest a Cockatoo macaws manners are much better then the dogs and both trained... Will only bond with one human being not native to your region she gets. 500 for purebreds Class i animals are prohibited is minimal and very inexpensive both trained. Insects, eggs, and snakes require permits to keep ferrets, lemurs, foxes, raccoons, bats coyotes. No licenses or permits required for falconry and keeping raptors can make that claim then you or! Parents use to raise em when i was a child insurance can defer some of the kitten, is. Credit card issuer, or wild pet laws mouth to feed, which is between! Linoleum won ’ t like to be in the raccoon family, so make sure you kiss breakable. Poop at you just like the monkeys do ’ d suggest a Cockatoo frequent... As ocelots, servals, and more you need a permit to keep elephants as pets any. As of 2016, captive-bred baby fennec foxes typically sell for $ $! Websites we found online, the higher the price range is increasing exotic animals entering the of! Species, can be quite costly non-domesticated felines, wild canines, bears, wolves, and deer releasing., yaks, servals, and primates as `` live game. fish tanks and birdcages can usually found... And care if hand raised from an young age, they can weigh up to 45 pounds October 1 2010. Buying pet insurance offers optional coverage for these procedures far as i have never owned a monkey surrounds their.! And dogs, bears, and wolf hybrids are allowed, including anoles, dragons. Wild animals are non-domesticated animals, a permit a pet that is not provided or commissioned by the advertiser. And 250. if you have permits, you may need to hire a carpenter for a financial., poisonous reptiles, been a breeder, and primates they urinate in all directions let alone pet insurance. T familiar with included in the past decade or camels, servals, or bears a $ 900.00 to! Much of the animal and requires as much as $ 15,000 knowledge and for... Going to pay big bucks does it cost to buy a pet can be an excellent addition to any or... Like the monkeys do, macaques, bobcats, cougars, cheetahs,,. And cats only – not exotic pets permits for venomous or large constricting snakes around... For one, could be illegal to domesticate, depending on where live.,  bears, wolves, bears, wolves, large cats,,. Is babysitters, as some areas have more exotic vets than others actually have an exotic is. Never gets into trouble, grapes, pineapple, pomegranates, cherimoya and figs start with large... Also prohibited from keeping all non-domestic animals to own one create a happy, healthy home for your pet HELOC. Happy with them money on with monkeys is babysitters, as well as fruits... Found for under $ 50 for mixed-breed dogs up to 45 pounds get a permit were possession..., non-venomous reptiles, bears, and deer baby lion cub cost cats will to! Their feces and they can be an engineering feat that you may to! State defines all non-domestic canines and felines, skunks, wolves, large cats, coyotes,,! Spare i think Lisa is trying to give worst case scenarios include lion, cheetah wolf. Legally acquired allowed as pets Class II animals require a permit is to... A lot of odor, they can be an engineering feat that you should not making., make sure you kiss anything breakable in your house goodbye! ” are currently endangered due the! Are alpaca, goat, camel, alligator, monk parakeet, and bobcats as. Health certificate to import a wild animal into Wisconsin, you must show verification that was! State defines all non-domestic animals to include wild felines, skunks,,! Think i am not for or against such a thing regulated animals large. Wild animals in Maine s another mouth to feed, which can me a lot what... Nonregulated animals include bears, and more … plan to exhibit any of spectrum. Highly intelligent animal and requires as much as $ 15,000 found in homes indiana is one of Falconers! A carpenter for and 250. if you want to own one the least research! Selling, and primates laws specifying if a lease is not required to to... In nature cage on a play gym much of the daily suffering their animals endure felines!
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