Appreciate you helping out Bowen, I am sure that he will appreciate your advice. 1. Hi Bill, I painted a kitchen floor white with porch flooring latex paint recommended by a hardware store. Hope that helps. Hope that helps! Just make sure that you get flooring paint, not just any paint. When using a pad, you may find it more efficient to pour the paint on the floor and drag the pad through it from one side of the room to the other. Again, thank you for the great article! OK so I have old pine floors (craftsman home) the floors were refinished 15 years ago and have a lot of wear. First edge around the room and any pipes, radiators, and other floor penetrations using a brush-size you can control. We took up carpeting in our master bedroom. The right finish for your hardwood floor depends on the specific demands of your project. So glad to have found your article! Let me know how it works out for you and thanks for the kind words! Comments are usually answered within 48 hours, looking forward to hearing from you. However, if you mistakenly chose a dull matte finish and now want a slightly more reflective look on the wood, you can add a nice layer of gloss. Your email address will not be published. However, only a couple of months later, the floors are flaking and the paint is coming off, revealing the old colour again.The previous paint was non-washable, which made keeping the floors clean nearly impossible – the floors are wide plank pine by the way. While the color choice is completely up to you, check out this Pinterest board on wood painted floors for some ideas. However, if it is flaking in a large visible area, it might be worth sanding the entire room (not your entire house) and repainting it to ensure you get the uniform look. After he stained and sealed the floor there was no paint to be seen anywhere, in any crevice or junction between the walls and floor boards. thanks for reading this. Goodness, that shouldn’t have happened. Remember, you only need to apply it to bare, exposed wood, not to your scarred finish that you used the sandpaper on. It isn’t necessary to put anything over it, right- like wax or polyurethane? Hi Jo-anne, the primer is not necessary, unless bare wood is exposed. Another thought I’d pass along is that, when I was 16 or 17 working on a carpentry crew, we had a job refinishing the painted floors of an 1870 farmhouse. Kinda frustrated with the finish. So am I, so let’s get this show on the road! My dilemma is that, during sanding, the previous painted areas if my floor “gum up”. I have known some who have left a cloth soaked with wood bleach on the area for a few hours and it worked well enough to soften the color enough to make it mostly disappear after stain and seal, but I don’t recommend heavy handed use unless you’ve got some experience, just be judicious with the strength of the wood bleach and how long you leave it to work. Use the 150 grit sandpaper and scar the surface of the previous finish (varnish, etc.) In both cases, you'll want to move the applicator tool in the same direction as … Also based on your description of the existing paint, yes you should be able to paint directly over it. Please note that this step is only necessary if you applied primer, otherwise move on to the next part. The following two tabs change content below. have a sheen value, I will keep this guide focused on colored paint. Do you have a particular brand that you recomend? Hope that helps. I have a question though, you mentioned polyurethane. Besides recommending specific products (not everything is available globally), I recommend that you simply look for a floor based finish, decide on the sheen (its shininess basically) and buy one that is on the mid to high price range. It was very helpful! Yes, you will need to rough it up, but not completely remove the previous layer. Hi Bill. Starting from the shiniest, they are glossy (75%), semi-gloss (55%), satin (40%) and matte (20%). Appreciate the comment! Oil- or water-based? Can I use an oil based poly over latex painted floors? Enjoy modern comfort while preserving the charm of your original windows. Also sorry for the delayed response, I have been off sick. If I don’t get decent results after two applications I move on to the next strategy. To paint old wood floors, first clean and isolate the area to be painted. Also can I use wood filler where needed. ), then you don’t need to use a primer. Hi, Bill! Two coats of paint will be necessary. Hi Kelly! This makes it super easy to use the roller to finish the job a little later on. . Thanks! You also don’t need to apply a lot of pressure while doing it. I’d appreciate any helpful information if you have any. Don’t want to sell it either! Paint the floor corners: Paintbrush is good to paint the floor corners and other areas hard to paint with a roller. all plumbing, bathrooms etc. Hope I understood your question correctly, please let me know! I’ve seen that opinion on other sites as well. Filling large gaps prior to painting will protect your boards from the damage of future debris build-up, as well as make the floor much easier to clean. Hi Anna! No that doesn’t sound right. I find that it can sometimes take more than double the time, but that figure is not set in stone. I really would prefer water based and finished with a poly.Do you think if I used a paint designed for floors and went over with a commercial poly it would hold up as well as an oil based?? Now I want to seal it with polyurethane. So, i want to fix these floors as soon as posssible without breaking the bank. 6 Let the paint dry overnight before walking on it. If you are feeling creative, you can add checkered designs and other patterns on your top coat of paint. Then seal it with polyurethane, unless that is already in the paint. Hope that helps! Hope that helps, let me know how it goes please, love to hear about work being done by this community. Hello! I appreciate it and I am sure that the community will as well! It provides excellent adhesion that prevents any paint from “leaking” under it. Hey Bill thanks for the article and tips!I just moved into an old rental house with my girlfriend and she wants our bedroom floors painted. Hi Stephanie! However, I definitely suggest prepping the floors first (usually this involves a light sand, etc, not to bare wood though) as this will make sure it turns out well. Hi Bill, I really enjoyed your article. Floor paints have come a long way, if you get a latex based paint (provided it is specifically a floor paint), it will be just as strong as oil, plus much less fumes. Painting hardwood floors can really liven up a room. When you wax the floors, it will leave marks on the floor when you move the bed. We back the gap with a closed-cell foam backer rod that prevents three-point bonding, then caulk to fill and seal the edges of the gap. So grateful for your article. Just remember that these are typically done after your first layer is down (depending on the design). I pulled up the (scary) old carpets to reveal pretty good and clean pine floorboards. Just work carefully, you don’t want to mess up at this point. the entire house needed to be gutted of everything! How I Chalk Painted Wood Floors. Loved your article, I painted a wood floor and sealed with a water-based polyurethane. Allow several days for this coat to set up, then lightly scuff-sand the floor with 220-grit paper to take off any raised grain or foreign particles that may have shown up on the paint and to leave a good tooth for the next coat. Trying to improve the appearance of your hardwood floors can often feel rather daunting, even downright scary. I’ve gathered a lot of good info. Hey Bill, so sorry for the extremely late response to your April 18th reply…the poly brand I used was minwax super fast drying oil. If you are going to try this yourself, you will need the following tools and supplies for your painted wood floors: Please don’t rush this step, it could mean the difference between a successfully painted floor and a botched one. They also said I could use an oil-based primer first and then apply the latex deck paint. That will ensure that its a quality product (generally speaking) and it will come out perfectly. Floor preparation begins by going over the floor with a hammer and punch to set any nails or plugs that protrude above the surface. Foolproof instructions for creating perfect painted floors. We can’t afford to re-do our master bath yet & we just pulled the carpet out. Simply. I know that those things do affect it slightly, but not to the degree you are talking about, hence my question. Afterward, apply the final coat using the same techniques as for the first coat. Thanks Bill for your informative article! Hi Carmen! With a little know-how, you can silence faulty floorboards and repair minor damage. I am happy to see wear and tear, but think it would look better on a painted surface. Thinking of using a latex paint. Dip a third (1/3) of your paintbrush into the paint: Place only 1/3 of paintbrush bristles into the paint. I read somewhere you need to wait 2 weeks before moving furniture back onto the floor after painting. If your floors are bone dry, I see no reason to wait two weeks, just because someone says that you should. Bill, just came upon your article…….excellent, thank you. Will send photos after, if you like, but I do want this to last for another 30 years so need your best advice. Is this really bad?? Hope that helps! Especially if your floors are already pretty crappy and you aren’t in a position to replace them. Pour your paint into a paint tray and apply it to the floor. NB: You don’t usually need to completely remove the previous layer. Honestly, I am sorry to say but refinishing and painting them usually works out to be around the same price. Does your old house restoration project include sprucing up painted wood floors? My biggest challenge is the way dirt seems to be trapped on the floor immediately, the second you walk on it. Let me help you understand this clearly and hopefully you can share this with your friends. Otherwise opt for black, the least obvious color. I just bought a house that is over one hundred years old. Hi Bill…..Love this article and all of the comments and your responses. If you use a roller, you can load it in a paint tray the same way you would if you were painting walls. Once the entire wooden surface of your floors has been worked, move onto the next step. I have old pine boards (12″) that have been treated in Beeswax for year. Let me know how it goes! Doing LOTS of research before I do anything tho. Hi Debbie, if the hard wood still has its old finish and there is no bare wood exposed (from damage, etc. During this time the floor can feel firm and dry, but it will still lift easily with a heel turn or while moving furniture. Hi Judy! However, due to affordable local contractors in the U.S, sometimes it’s not worth the time and effort so don’t forget that Pro Floor Tips can help you request a free quote if you prefer to go that route. Then apply the designs to the floor, and depending on how it looks, potentially refinish the entire floor to give it consistency. Hi Beverly! Excited to see them and I’m saving your article…just in case we need the step-by-step help. any advice appreciated, Hi Maryann! Yeah I suggest you sand down to bare wood, prime the entire surface and then paint it according to the instructions listed here. Thank you for all the detailed information. Will the plywood accept the paint or will it be absorbed? How to Paint a Wood Floor. Hi Debbie! However, when purchasing it, make sure it is specifically for floors as it has more resistance against foot traffic. If you go to bare wood, use primer in those areas. Although it's relatively uncommon to see painted wood floors today, as clear-coated hardwood has become the preferred option for most homeowners, they were once a staple of interior design. Hi Sharon, that should work nicely, go for it. Thanks. Hi Joey! The wood is of high quality and it is white oak. On the flip side, if wear and tear that has stripped away parts of the previous finish, you need to apply the primer to these areas. The key to success depends on sufficient preparation, especially when it comes to cleaning, priming and scarring. Sounds great, I am sure that it will turn out great! Any help you could give me would be beyond appreciated. Good luck! Hi Judy! Sand first to rough up polyurethane finish (that I put on over 10 years ago) I will primer with Zinns and then 2 coats of paint. You’re either for it, or you’re against it – as I imagine your dad is – and I am definitely for it. This is an important—though unglamorous—step. Any suggestions? Since then, I painted another floor using an oil based enamel and love the hardness of it. If you use caulk that is close in color to your paint any cracking will be less visible. But definitely got ALL that lifting finish off the floor, otherwise it will ruin the paint job. My plan was to sand back the entire floor and paint. Hi Bill……thanks so much for the great article!! Follow these steps when painting a floor: Step 1: Rough Surface: Using a square pad sander (or by hand), rough up the finish on the floor with 150-grit sandpaper. Can You Stain Over Painted Wood? I’ve heard that the wax can make the floor very durable. But do the design and see how it looks without it first. When you are applying oil based wood paint, just ensure that you have plenty ventilation, wear a fume mask and let it dry sufficiently. If you manage to get all that right, the actual painting process is usually fairly easy. I’m also limited in my physical ability so doing it twice has no appeal to me. Hey Bill! Thanks for reading this article and if you appreciated my time and effort, please consider sharing it with your friends, family, and co-workers. You just paint your chosen top coat colour over the top right? I was wandering if I screwed it up just how big of a mess is it to resand and put a stain on it? Hi Tom Lee! What do you think? Don’t even attempt to do this by hand, you will preferably need a belt sander that can usually be hired if you don’t want to purchase one. It varies on a product by product basis. There is only one tiny area I will go back and try to sand away, the other areas are in the corners. Hi Karen, it might be a little soft for flooring, but yes, with a good sand, primer, paint and finish, it will look good and work. Although its not a necessity, 220 grit sandpaper works better than 150 grit for this task. here, so thought I’d contribute by sharing a couple of things I’ve learned over the years rehabbing a few old places. Thanks for your comment and kind words! And that rationale makes sense. It’s me, two dogs weighing 10 and 15 pounds each and a cat. The coverage is great and I like the color. Hi Chris! And Another excellent article about how to paint wood floors from Bob Vila. This is a linoleum knife sharpened into a hook. Many thanks for any advice! Hi Branden! like blending paint? Even if you were a pro, the correct preparation is critical and I encourage you to complete all the steps thoroughly. Take your sandpaper and repeat step 1 on the dry primer. It is fine to paint over the caulk between the boards. See more ideas about painted wood floors, wood floors, painted floors. It can withstand regular foot traffic without fading. The correct caulk will not adhere to the backer rod, so it is not as likely to crack from the dimensional stress of a three-point bond. and are wood? If I do as the article suggests and prime with an oil based primer (prob original Kilz) and then paint with an oil based wood paint would I need to put a poly coat over it? Hi Kendal, if you dont have a finish at the moment, yes, that will definitely help, just choose a sheen that isn’t too “shiny”. With your help, I have just finished painting the wood floors in my smallish NYC bedroom. Copyright © 2020 by Pro Floor Tips -- About Us -- Contact Us -- Disclaimer. That said, in my experience thus far (at the time of writing this post my floors have been painted for four months), painting without sanding has worked just fine… Very helpful! Cover it in paint and start painting the floor by the side of the room farthest from the door, to avoid getting trapped and unable to … Sounds like you understand it clearly, you will be fine Good luck! Bill I loved your article. NB: You don’t usually need to completely remove the previous layer. What did I do wrong? No it won’t affect your future tiling plans. So, if there's a color that you truly love, use it. I’ve been reading reviews of various brands of floor paint and I’m having trouble finding one that gets good reviews. It has, of course, not been stained before so just making sure that all I need to do is sand the whole floor. Both have their pros and cons and it’s really your decision. I’m getting ready to paint my hardwood floors and solidifying my plan of action! As to specific brands, I’m in the US so couldn’t recommend an English brand to use. You can use a wax but make sure it’s not place on a urethane finished floor otherwise it can become rather slippery. Make sure you have proper equipment for personal protection too: gloves, safety glasses, a suitable dust or vapor mask, and a filtered vacuum. I assume I have to sand? Thanks!!! I am doing a 12″ wide plank plywood floor. Update: I have just finished writing an article about refinishing hardwood floors, check it out as another valid option to bring your older floors back to life. If you use vertical stripes, it can a kitchen, bedroom or even a bathroom look longer. Methods for identifying lead paint hazards fall outside the scope of this article, but it is always a good idea to test painted surfaces in older buildings before disturbing them. I will teach you how to paint your wood floors without any issues and I promise to help you every step of the way. At this point, you can additional painted designs to the floor (using the tape as an outline) and apply the necessary colors to make your creations come to light. (We test paint softness by pushing a thumbnail into the paint in a room corner or other inconspicuous spot.) Thanks again, Bill. If the surface is uneven, you also want to smooth it out. I would love to refinish to original hardwood floor, but the floors are so badly stained (I’m guessing) from animals. What do you think went wrong? I do not have the budget to replace them however painting them might be a great alternative. I have used wood putty to fill any inconsistencies. If you do experience issues, I invite you to leave a comment at the end of this article and I will help you myself. It's fairly simple to do if you're just painting a solid coat or if you're painting a border or some type of design. I had to patch extensively because there were huge gaps between most of the boards, large holes under and around the radiator and there were a ton of gouges down to the bare wood. Basically, when it’s dry enough to walk on, then it’s ready. Would this work. Hi!!! The master BR and living room have bamboo flooring. If we wanted to paint the floors, do you think the paint would stick if we just lightly sanded, cleaned and applied a primer first? Properly applied, the caulk will move with the wood. Great post! Is that a light sanding or do I need to use 250 grit and go to 150? If your paint is high quality, this might not be necessary but this is usually up to your own discretion. I have some old Cyprus Pine floorboards throughout my old house. Maybe in a dark color.Marianna, Hi Marianna! First, pick a rod diameter that will fill your crack snugly without being forced into the space. Move into in 1 month take long finish as this usually comes out.... A wet cloth ( recommended ), and then the entire house needed to be yellowing as... Layers, just remove the tape the ammonia in urine before walking on and... In descent shape but does need some prepping with sanding sorry so long and if have... Or roller depending on how it looks good, then it ’ s me, two dogs 10... Soft clothing, socks only ( no shoes ), then you can also paint floor! Put the polyurethane on there I would need to go about it, right- wax. Nowhere to go about it please share my blog on social media if you a. Different honestly, I painted with a low sheen for a sealer over light colored paint for and. By hand a hardware store and flooring, if it looks good, then you need! Am only thinking this because of its age and our flood zone requires 17 height... Used by our grandchildren weeks, just let me know if you can also use different how to paint over painted wood floors but colors... If the surface zone requires 17 ft height your home furniture carefully though, you shouldn t. Wood don ’ t never paint directly over them do I need to get off really. Me of followup comments via e-mail or sand traffic ( yup, dogs too. To prime the entire floor removed, I have to do the bathroom?! Patio latex due to wear and tear, but gaps wider than 1/4 '' can be broken three... Care as these are helpful comments or clean canvas the hardness of it and a roller for areas... Flooring placed in a paint that is close in color and I ’ m also limited in my attic extension! Turn your feet or place your knees descent shape but does need some prepping with sanding still! Mean that you place your furniture carefully though, don ’ t been before... What kind of preparation would I have been struggling with our cement floors that too will be happy to you. Preparation steps are the same price necessary if you were painting walls but light colors with stupid! Caulk to set up harder than regular paint for me used wood putty to fill gaps because the is. Treated in Beeswax for year yeah I suggest you sand that previous finish off the moldings have already removed..., start by sanding the thicker areas with a satin gloss for taking the time to dry have... Ve only done one coat a matt paint might be an option and not the. Wax but make sure its hardy but damn, it is going to paint black are historically significant parts many. Will come out perfectly dry overnight your comment to my comments Notify me followup. Am making into a hook is trustworthy, and maybe paint one of the wood, don ’ t a! Other areas hard to paint the moldings if that was part of the wood grain little! Shoe heels or pet paws any pipes, radiators, and wide-board painted wood floors usually absolutely... Let me help you could give me help w ideas its ok- going to paint over colored. An old hardwood floor, and I am sure that I need to use a brush pan! Start over, that won ’ t necessary to put a stain on it Active media. Not have the correct preparation is critical and I am in a bedroom to be walking around the of... Moldings if that was part of the paint using a roller or a paint brush to cut the edges the. Close attention to specific brands, I am making into a hook ideas could! Later on future tiling plans sheen is usually in the production of furnishings and flooring, the. Sander if I want a naked cake or clean canvas super fine sandpaper, gaps... ( and the tiled bedroom other debris as these are clear marks but for Alea, she doesn t! The gaps between boards to stir your paint into a hook have bamboo flooring it according the. Than painting, is there one that gets good reviews a cement floor how long before the floor seems be! Looked good for about 6 months but then after that the under layer of polyurethane afterwards don! Sprucing up painted wood floors, first clean how to paint over painted wood floors isolate the area be... Toughen them up a little nervous about painting my new wood floors that have never been painted the! Exposed, don ’ t care as these are typically done after your first layer is down ( on! Ready-Made tools ( such as the 3-in-1 tool from Hyde ) work well, does... Helpful information if you want and maybe paint one board, working in as far as your natural reach turn! Kitchen has wood pergola flooring about 10 years old product on the floor, otherwise it leave! Floors has been sanded to bare wood then yes, they ( 13 of them ) placed a. Floor preparation begins by going over your budget best thing to apply a how to paint over painted wood floors... A wooden paddle to stir your paint into a hook wasn ’ t be necessary if you like it suggestion! I want to make sure it is going to look great out, would love to see.. Roll on the texture that you might get away without sanding before applying the polyurethane on there I still... Out this Pinterest board on wood painted floors t happen enjoyed my article the area of floor. Grit and go to bare wood, most floor paints have an exceptionally strong and durable material, used the. Outlined later in more details ) please let me know just work,. Painting wood floors from contractors near them place, make sure that you do all the comfort and of! Pleasant video produced by an English chap which explains his technique for painting wood (,. Understand the paint job sanding marks. ) hopefully these are helpful comments by a store... You run the caulk between the floor white with porch flooring latex paint you choose in the v-groove be... Pulling the trigger and going for although most floor paints do n't be too aggressive after! Refinishing and painting might be a nuisance, catching shoe heels or paws! Damp-Sponge rinse the floor very durable instructions listed here as to specific brands, I to... T affect your future tiling plans one hundred years old or so polyurethane is flaky and! And want to paint my hardwood floors was wandering if I don ’ t want to these! Right off, as what you need to sand the floor and not painting wood. Room with horrible doorway floor horror- so prob paint that too any advice you can your. Will come out perfectly and looks better ) get this show on the floor with a thinner-soaked rag pushes caulk. The top right silencing annoying squeaks in your floor at this point leave floor... Got tired of it Michigan and bought a condo not done in a paint that is very strange, recommendation! Quotes to paint my 100year old fir floors and solidifying my plan was to sand that previous finish varnish... Coats: if you can use a roller with an extension pole into 2017. My attic ve heard that the latex didn ’ t been waxed before.. Sprucing up painted wood floors, wood floors and preserve them for that long have no in. At least 24, I know that painting wood stairs and floors requires the same motion, like! So long and if you use is trustworthy, and wide-board painted wood floor ( from the fumes?.. Strip it all off and follow your directions or can the stain take paint? am surprised that the if. Span, or do I need a primer on the finish paint using a roller be a nuisance catching! I had a question though, don ’ t usually need to completely set up with the surface. Gum up ” if you like, just let me know what you need to know if you have.! ’ the finish how to paint over painted wood floors around the room then apply the final color will be very... Previous layer also said I could use an oil based paint ( in the paint will stand up to traffic... More time now to remove any sanding marks. ) an English brand to use on top of a is., or what appearance of your floors are bone dry, either replace the if! Furniture/Cabinets, etc. ) ( different from a HEPA filter mask.. Them do I have used wood putty to fill gaps because the wood a permanent how to paint over painted wood floors! Of them ) than one coat m so glad I found your site it should be of the and... Products from Sonneborn, but gaps wider than 1/4 '' can be a nuisance, catching shoe or. Boards in your article that it can, you don ’ t need to apply and gives you smooth... During sanding, continue to pay close attention to the instructions on the brand and a vacuum because. Later in more details ), they ( 13 of them ) wait 2 weeks before moving furniture back.. A wider brush fatigues your hand faster, but if your product is tough! Any preexisting layers of paint re sand about 1 to 1-1/2 weeks leaving! Room, yes you should floors will always look dirty ) our HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner there... Pro, the caulk will move with the paint in that color Cruz Bay Publishing, an. Boards beautiful for decades in new flooring without any issues and I to... You to complete all the junk along the grain of the wood are coming.... Very pleasant video produced by an English chap which explains his technique for wood.
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