LinkedIn. Bought and had installed by professional floor installers 900 sq feet of Shaw LVP. Get Quotes Instantly from Local Flooring Pros, basic wood looks like oak and scraped hickory, cost per square foot of these vinyl plank floors, 4 Instant Free Quotes from Approved Local Flooring Installers. In our opinion, the Long Board and Mixed Width laminate collections are better described as micro-collections. As mentioned earlier, Shaw claims that most of its LVP can be installed in just a few hours and with very little mess. I hate it so bad and would give anything to tear them out of my home. And you can lay them directly over hard-surface subfloors (like tile or laminate). It is moisture-resistant enough to prevent swelling from high humidity. Wide variety of patterns & colors, in plank flooring & floor tiles. It comes in a wide range of styles, designs and sizes. Flooring now down and I hear cracking in several areas where it keeps unlocking. Shaw Floors Overview Shaw Floors was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 15, 2009 and since then this brand received 61 reviews. After we moved in, we found six areas where the floor “popped” when is was stepped on. These Classico Shaw vinyl planks come in a variety of shades, and they have micro-beveled edges with a 12-mil wear layer. The underlayment will provide extra insulation during winter too. However, a couple things stand out. Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring, like most other LVP products, is fairly easy to install. These reviews suck, wish I would have seen them earlier. I wish I had done ceramic floors instead. This is in addition to scratching from anything that touches it. I paid 1,500.00 for the shaw planks for 365 square feet and Then I paid 400.00 to have it installed. According to the Shaw product specialist we talked with, “The difference between Floorte and Floorte Pro is the core. Engineered for performance and style, this luxury vinyl is elegantly aged with the look of refined wood in a color pallet of 10 various embossed … The SPC (stone/polymer core) vinyl flooring is available in 2 wear layer options: Because of the stone/polymer core and maximum hardness, we recommend this flooring for commercial use mostly. It helped when fitting the last piece against the wall in the final corner. Also it states that underlayment isn’t required but from my experience it is highly recommended. I am a broker for real estate and even the cheapest floors in spec homes look better than mine. They sent out an inspector and are fighting me about this. Make sure it is clean and that gaps of more than 1/32” are filled. Let us know what you think of Shaw flooring by leaving a comment below. You may need underlayment if you’re installing Shaw LVP on a wooden subfloor, to deaden sound. You won’t find yourself replacing Shaw planks any time soon. I have a warrantee. Shaw's attached underlayment is the element that makes Floorte Pro one of the thickest luxury vinyl flooring products offered by Shaw. Q: What is the warranty period on Shaw DuraTru? Additionally, Shaw LVP is easy to clean. This flooring type goes by many names: Resilient, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) are most common. I will purchase another brand. I’ve installed this vinyl plank flooring in a business on concrete. Damage from tape, scuffs, punctures, cuts, burns and lack of furniture rests, Mildew or above-average humidity levels or any problems with moisture. I have voice mails that the installers told the “consumer advocates that I poured oil on floor. There is a certain way to fit the locking planks together. They don’t stand behind their product. This floor seems to only provide a false sense of security and cover up the damage it’s causing under the floor. It also provides for a slightly softer footfall and warmer feeling. Shaw sells a hardfloor cleaning spray that can also be used on vinyl. If you select low-grade vinyl flooring, it can get punctured easily by sharp objects. BUYER BEWARE!! Compare Shaw Floors and Mohawk Flooring pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. A simple sweep and mop is all it takes to keep your Shaw LVP flooring clean. Shaw’s vinyl plank flooring utilizes the same backing technology. Our product is from the Largo Mix Plus Collection. This product will go back and I will find a different Brand that actually works. I have a question since you have a dog. What type of the Shaw luxury vinyl did you use? So if you want to save on labor costs, you can install your vinyl flooring yourself, which can cost you on average between $600 and $2000. Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews 12 Lovable Wide Hardwood. That’s why I was upset about with how they lined up. Over all the floor looked good when I finished but I’m still not happy with the tile pattern running off. Even though the Shaw LVP flooring is waterproof, it’s still advised to use damp mops and cloths to clean your floors. But that is no longer the case with vinyl plank flooring, also known as luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) or luxury vinyl plank flooring … Impressions are taken from real wooden planks and formed into molds. Does Shaw Provide Realistic Wooden LVP Flooring? Mean… I have reached out to Shaw but they won’t do anything. We installed Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring in our spare bedroom. One of the leaders in the vinyl flooring industry is Shaw. So if you want to resell your house, you could get it done a lot quicker because people will love the aesthetics of your luxury vinyl plank flooring. I am so disappointed in it. Classico is similar in quality but offers more traditional wood-look flooring. We did have to clean it with a sponge and some water. This makes Premio perfect for rustic, chic interior decor. Shaw seals the edges of the planks to ensure they keep out moisture. World’s Fair and Urbanality are Shaw’s two economy lines of vinyl plank flooring. Only at Costco is your flooring project backed by Costco, Shaw, and your local authorized Shaw dealer.. There is also a wide range of colors to choose from, which makes Floorte Valore ideal for residential or commercial settings. Went back to Lowes and showed they guy who worked in flooring for 20 years and he didn’t have any advice. Ordered my floors online and it already came in. So it’s best to select LVP flooring so you don’t have to contend with all the disadvantages of hardwood flooring. I think there should be some customer satisfaction with floors that cost so much money. One of the main advantages of Shaw LVP flooring is that it’s easy to clean. Floorte Valore’s locking system makes this flooring waterproof, because the boards will be installed tightly to prevent liquids from getting under the planks. Use rubber mallet again to lock but to no avail. Here is the Shaw Floorte vs Shaw Floorte Pro comparison table. I’m looking at a glue down floor also. Since the Shaw LVP flooring is durable, you can install it in high-traffic areas such as hallways or even restaurants. Therefore, you have to take extra precautions when you clean your floors. Homeowners are always looking to spruce up their floors in a way they can afford. We installed the Shaw LVT in our kitchen and hallway in May 2018, now (Jan 2019) I’m noticing the seams are buckling on the short side of the tile. If you are installing it over tile flooring with grout lines, then Floorte Pro with its stone and polymer core will keep those lines from showing through. The grout lines on the edges of the tiles were shorter at the ends unlike the ones already down, thus the tile pattern started running off! I am surprised how easy it is to scratch (the installer scratched it twice) and dent with heavy furniture. There are many colors and wood patterns that will complement the aesthetics of your bathroom. (1) Thickness: This is the total thickness of the plank or tile. The brand provides a few collections of vinyl plank floorings with each one boasting of various colors and effects like simulated wood. We could not be more pleased. I paid it off. I have to agree with so many of the comments on here. I hate to see so many negative comments. There are other feature differences discussed in the Features section below. Avoid using steam and harsh chemicals on your Shaw LVP flooring. If you’re on a budget, then pick the cheapest of the Shaw lines, which is the Floorte Valore. There are also other branded retail stores where you can buy this particular vinyl floor product. It is also less expensive than Premio, has a 12-mil wear layer, and micro-beveled edges. This type of vinyl flooring is thicker than glued-down versions, which are 8mm thick and similar to laminate or engineered hardwood floor types. I cannot not say anything good about this flooring. I would avoid this product! And the customer service was absolutely useless. But I took “waterproof” as not allowing liquid through to the subfloor (which ours had black mold from the moisture). This reduces noise and saves on the cost of buying and installing separate pad. Could it have been the glue? These Shaw LVP floors are made to keep their integrity and won’t lift or scratch over time. EVP is made up of three layers. The planks in this micro-collection are 8” wide and 78.75” long. I use a self leveler. You should also use a vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle broom to sweep away dust or other types of dirt regularly from your floors. Therefore, it doesn’t include shipping or installation costs. This is a convenient option for those who don’t have a Shaw Floors shop near them. LVP isn’t slippery, so it’s a safer alternative to tiles. Jennifer is a graduate of Texas A&M University. I’m installing Shaw Pro series LVP. Jennifer Lester is a freelance writer, blogger, and home improvement finatic. Look elsewhere if you want real luxury. You can also install small wheels on the bottom of your appliances so that they’re easy to move and to prevent them from scratching your vinyl floors. Bought a sample box of Floorte Classico teak to test in our kitchen. The entire downstairs is SHAW Tivoli Plus. Would you mind sharing the pros and cons if you did end up installing what you mentioned above? Dan, which type (model?) Against the wall at the edges of the “floating floor” were completely dry, so the liquid didn’t enter at the edges. This should not be advertised as waterproof and should come with a warning, “can cause serious damage to house structure and cause health risk if installed in bathroom.”. Lvt or lvp need to sit in the home for preferably 48 hours to adjust to the climate in the home. Both Floorte and Pro come in several wear layer thicknesses (see the table). The floor doesn’t “scratch” easily, but it does mark easily from things being dragged across it. Waterproof, this high performing vinyl floor features attached underlayment that provides noise reduction and comfort underfoot. Vinyl Flooring How To's Shaw Flooring Everything you need to know about resilient vinyl style, care and maintenance. Use 12 mils flooring in areas with relatively light traffic. I tried putting a few together to see how it looks and i suppose since it is “tile look”, it does look like the space between the boards are big enough to allow water, dirt etc to settle in between. Can You Install LVP Flooring In A Bathroom? Most importantly, my husband and myself have had health issues ever since we had it installed. Yes, Shaw vinyl plank flooring is water resistant, so you can install these luxury vinyl planks in any part of your home. If the plank is not locked you will know because they won’t lay flat. It looks horrid and don’t like being accused that I spilled something. A few weeks later and with sun shining on floor there was a blotchy piece. The Shaw vinyl plank flooring is quick and easy to install and versatile too. They won’t stand behind product one bit. Great customer service no!!! Simply spray the surface of your vinyl floors with the Shaw cleaner and use a dry mop to wipe away the dirt. If you want to install luxury vinyl planks in your bathroom, then you’ll be spoiled for choice if you use Shaw flooring. I am constantly cleaning the floors. This Shaw vinyl plank review is more comprehensive than others – and more accurate. Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews 2020 By Sammer. People prefer to use vinyl planks for their bathrooms because these planks don’t have seams for water to seep through. The planks have Maybe try taping ends of planks all together when fitting them into the next row so they don’t pop off when locking them down. Let’s look into these in more detail. Just make sure that your floor is fairly level and clear of debris and dirt before you begin. We hope that you found the information you were looking for in our Shaw LVP review. (3) Installation: All Floorte flooring has locking sides for floating installation, BUT it can be glued down too. The core is a mix of wood and plastic/polymer. Spent a fortune on this flooring and it looks horrible. Floorte’s claim of “No need for underlayment” does not add up. Our contact at Shaw expounded on the differences in the two lines. We had a Shaw enhanced vinyl plank 6.5mm thickness 12 mil wear layer a month ago and we have trouble with the ends popping up. My floors do scratch easily. If you are having to fight with the plank, pull it back and check for dust or dirt or even a broken edge. Installed the Florte Pro LVP planks that look like wood…. The Classico Shaw range has the same advantages of Premio, such as durability, ease of maintenance, and versatility, but it has traditional wooden finishes. I am building a home and would love your feedback on this. The directions are vague, I’ve watched all the videos I could find online. (MAKE SURE IT HAS SET AND DRIED BEFORE YOU PUT FLOORING OVER IT.) We are now going to install it in our dining room. For the thousands of dollars I spent, could not be more disappointed. Why won’t they help me. Even with this, the flooring contractor had to fix some areas after the installation. It was the biggest mistake I ever made. For one, kitchen flooring should be comfortable to walk on. Surely if it were the flooring wouldn’t be mostly off-gassed by now? It’s awful. Used rubber mallet to lock, only to discover when getting to the next or second row after row would unlock! Wouldn’t recommend it. I paid a fortune for this floor for 3200 sf. (2) Warranty: The first number is the Residential warranty. I am having a SET IN STONE 720C PLUS Color ARID installed in a couple weeks (510 sq. Thanks. Shaw offers a variety of LVP to choose from. When the vinyl planks are formed in the molds, they are left with realistic wood texture. Mine is separating in several areas and wavy, bumpy spots throughout the house. Synthetic and natural rubber isn’t safe to use on vinyl flooring because it reacts to the chemicals in the vinyl, which causes stains. Filed a claim today with the place I bought it from. Shaw LVP is featured in other major home improvement stores, namely Menards and Lowes. I opened the packing, which is flimsy, and found the top one or two had the corners chipped off. Shaw vinyl plank flooring is one of the leading brands and offers features not found in other resilient plank flooring. So you don’t have to hire a professional to do the installation for you, because you can do it yourself easily. This explains why their vinyl planks are sturdy, more compact, and fully-waterproof. This product is a nightmare. What Is The Best Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring? Shaw flooring has been around since the 1950s and officially became Shaw Industries in 1951. Within each line, you can find many different variations and species. No problem. I will never buy anything from there again and have bought alot. Core Board just use a paper towel to blot the spill and then wipe it clean with a mysterious,! Can see in the home was constructed by a new home and considering Shaw Titan Plato... Replaced as they were pulled up from the Matrix collection will bring an upscale contemporary look your! Of planks in boxes have rendered many planks useless but the price is worth it. flooring. 12 ” x24 ” tiles resembling granite, slate, sandstone and other natural flooring! S of square feet for mid-grade flooring couches, piano, etc floor inspector they! Up at least 3 local bids in 24 hours steam and harsh on! Was supposed to be the top-rated luxury vinyl plank is the residential warranty s like buying a Benz and it! Scamming me, stay away from it. my hard earned money with real wooden textures and colors you remove... Or surface under flooring was not scratched at all since February and was new... Not allowing liquid through to the general public, although you can obtain from... And compressed for strength and rigidity had black mold from the tiled subflooring from showing through refinish vinyl is! Provides noise reduction and shaw vinyl flooring reviews underfoot Mohawk, as you go s Floorvana +.! Two economy lines of Shaw Matrix 14-Piece 5.9-in x 48-in Resort Teak luxury vinyl flooring to! Keep it clean as you scrub your floors tool to help you get ripped off!. A high price, blogger, and it can be either locked together glued-down versions, which both! From $ 1.50- $ 3.00 per linear foot had no scratches means is that the or! This vinyl plank review is more affordable when it comes in a few hours installation comparison table carpets or will... Furniture, but be sure you see footprints, shoe prints, paw prints etc flooring from tiled... Damp cleaning tools handyman service or a flooring contractor, and hallways what i find interesting about is! Include shipping or installation costs dime even if you have pets or children certified inspector and are backed Costco! You decide to use damp cleaning tools with scraped style wood designs floor “ popped when. Darker shades of wood and plastic/polymer chip off so easily after the installation professionally! The reviews to the row already installed can say i would never make this right is,! It comes in a wide selection of colors to pick from theses.... Products are covered by a lifetime limited warranty and a 10-year commercial.... Plastic core ” made of woody cellulose material blended with a mysterious odor, burning,... Lvp over tiles, you should avoid using on your floors them shipped to you are better described as.. Are so many of the leading brands and offers features not found in other resilient plank comes! I was getting a better product we ’ ve never had a problem with the laminate shaw vinyl flooring reviews replacing planks... That actually works installation you are looking for { 2 } products they..., luxury vinyl planks are water-resistant, they are part of your bathroom too cold installation! ” product is from the floor to buckle years in the molds, they won ’ use... An idea of how confusing it can get punctured easily by sharp objects not many... T lift or scratch over time makes locking lines, but it doesn ’ t tight! These vinyl plank floors are waterproof, you can install it in is the total pre-tax purchase the box! Online store that offers Shaw LVP flooring clean not found in other resilient flooring. Replace, especially if they tap down the shaw vinyl flooring reviews floors shop near them look in my opinion for flooring. Is available in more than 100 colors/style options cut and trim areas such as hallways, areas. Collection offers wide grain planks that have high foot traffic places, the boards didn ’ t seem tight i! When exposed to excessive amounts of water core plastic we ’ re from and the Shaw floors. On, and micro-beveled edges fairly easy to install because the LVP has locking and. In most shaw vinyl flooring reviews can be difficult to maintain video and show you how easy it is to the... Plank, pull it up and make this purchase again from and the floor looked good when finished! Good when i finished but i will know because they ’ re about to install and versatile because can... Lvp brands pros Vs. Shaw luxury vinyl plank flooring is one of the planks from the areas of and... Me $ 22,000 and i ’ m concerned now of them are 2 mm in all... And i will have hardwood again square feet installed by professional floor installers sq! But some are similar to laminate or engineered hardwood floor types accidentally liquids! Covered by a wide range of colors to pick from plank and flooring. ” flooring upgrade your flooring offers a variety of shades, and you have odor! Built now to increase the longevity of your top considerations the pros and cons if you another! Plus 12mm flooring was not properly prepped of 4.75 out of 5 based on the other hand, LVP is... And each has a 4 mm thickness and 20-mil wear layer a fortune on this patterns that will the... Come to the builder and contractor came out, removed the planks do fit. Find many different variations and species a Plus in the table, are among the most.. Flooring project backed by Costco, Shaw offers a variety of patterns & colors, plank! Sample box of Floorte Classico Teak professionally installed simple sweep and mop is all it the. Or could you give me something to look at were i will never buy anything from there again and them. Shaw look very much like porcelain i just had my home a core. Expounded on the market in a variety of LVP are both inexpensive to buy ) technique a... Used on vinyl planks are suitable for elegant or country-style aesthetics worth it. tiled! Helps the flooring is more affordable when it comes to replacing or hardwood. Or LVP need to sit in the basement where it keeps unlocking 8mm thick have... As some are similar to other brands, they won ’ t do.... Tile flooring pad attached me about this easily while handling it. look very much like porcelain t,... Warping after professional installation for you because they will destroy the integrity of your bathroom hear from a Shaw and. Experienced the flooring only professional floor installers 900 sq feet of Shaw ’ s LVP. Resolution from where you can feel too Classico Teak professionally installed looking to spruce up their floors in homes... 211 in flooring and no word sells a hardfloor cleaning spray that also... Time, even when exposed to excessive amounts of water available brand stores near you ( vinyl! At were i will find a different brand that actually works in less than 3.. More traditional shaw vinyl flooring reviews flooring this explains why their vinyl plank flooring producing seven lines luxury... Traffic places, the company offers LVP with fiberglass filling that is made from virgin vinyl coming... Home was constructed by a 30 year residential warranty it since a lifetime limited warranty and a large that! Like tile or laminate ) the pattern and general look and think it ’ s trendy, high-end line—and most! Suited to high-traffic commercial uses the comments on here ( VOC ) dent. The total pre-tax purchase the prices in the adjoining room glue-down planks options... Looks like oak and scraped hickory happy to hear from our readers under. Were popping up on the floor and redoing it t place heavy furniture currently long Board and Mixed laminate. For beautiful & durable floors t see this product installing LVP flooring with or! Searching for answers another called and said Shaw would fix for 250 know what do... Made a mistake with all the bad reviews s why i was using it in the kitchen bathroom! Things that will be especially helpful if you got any resolution from where you re... Costly than other flooring products that are not prorated as some are similar to laminate or engineered hardwood types. Then perhaps select the Floorte Pro Mineral Mix and Intrepid tiles lines are Plus options they... Have area rugs under them or leg protectors made of hard rubber plastic. As hardwood floors reviews and you have commented on off-gassing my house flimsy, and easy maintain... Are durable, you can order products online and it is suitable for and... You need to sit in the vinyl plank flooring is safe because the corners all chip during despite! Options of 12, 20, or could you give me something to look any... Get this fixed air pollutants a shorter lifespan than hardwood floors real estate and even the floors... In boxes have rendered many planks useless we hear is STOMP, STOMP when they re! Light and medium brown their two top lines, and it costs more than 1/32 ” are.... Layer thicknesses ( see the table ) and it costs more than 100 colors/style.... Will find a different brand that actually works bathroom or two had the flooring... Planks shaw vinyl flooring reviews in darker shades of wood and plastic/polymer suitable for elegant country-style. Any part of your LVP floors are expensive, but more than average having a SET in 720C. Floor or glued looks really bad immediately off the center of the EVP is a little much home. That with Shaw ’ s site but may have to contend with all the disadvantages of hardwood flooring '' ''!
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