Delete - Registry.pol … After running ccmsetup.exe /uninstall, I found that the service was still up and running, and the CCM filder was still full of files. Generally when we see this behavior it usually means that the Client installation was botched for some reason or the Client could not contact a Management Point after installation. All Windows 10 1511 clients were failing to install a cumulative update and send their Software Update scan status to the SCCM Software Update Point. In SUPSetup.log I see Failed to register ....wsusmsp.dll with .Net Fx 2.0 SCCM is installed on a Server 2016 box. Attached is a screen shot of the computer that I manually install the client on. assignment I swap my video card Sccm Site Assignment management problem with the settings.It allows us access toand have tried 5 differnt cd drives. I'm having an odd issue on 3 clients. The SCCM client can be installed in different ways. LSIsSiteCompatible : Failed to get Site Version from all directories Won’t send a client assignment fallback status point message because the last assignment error matches this one. ... Daniel Engberg has worked for the past 10 years with Enterprise Client Management, focusing on System Center Configuration Manager, Windows 10 and Powershell. I have a great many clients lacking this update, and it appears it can affect the ability to … Bingo! Creates and maintains the client GUID and identifies tasks performed during client registration and assignment. I also noticed that going to the Configuration Manager Service Manager tool, right-clicking on any component that was on that site server would fail. You can check to see if the file is updated and/or run a gpupdate /force. Configuration Manager Setup does not verify that the site code entered is not already in use. 1. Site codes are stored in the site databases. I did manage to get client push installation working, for the most part.. problem being the client is not getting a site code, and does not show up in the console as having the client installed. I can't say for certain if any of them ever had working clients, I don't believe they did. Change Site Code of Configuration Manager Client. Please see the Microsoft Doc describing this policy when using Configuration Manager. Today, it looks like I’m still running into issues relating to last week’s site system restore. Anybody seen something like this before? Perhaps something is being blocked by a firewall? A domain wide group policy was used to install the client in each domain, but I had problems with the site code for the old domain still on the Configuration Manager client after domain migration was complete. Error: 0X87d00215". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. CMHttpsReadiness.log: Records the results of running the SCCM HTTPS Readiness Assessment Tool. Cannot get portal info.". I also noticed that going to the Configuration Manager Service Manager tool, right-clicking on any component that was on that site server would fail. Under the Component Status monitoring tool in the console I went into the SMS_SITE_SYSTEM_STATUS_SUMMARIZER component and found that it was telling me Site System Status Summarizer still cannot access storage object “\SUPPOINT\D$\SMS on site system…. If I left the WSUS content there the post installation setup failed. Bingo! The reason was because the entire site system role was hosed. I just … sigh. I can see the update downloads to the SUP and the DP, but the clients get stuck on downloading 0% when trying to download. Were these clients ever assigned to another site before? Update rollup available to resolve Client issue downloading ccmsetup content from cloud DP (CMG)–KB4575790; Use SCCM to find the excluded apps in Microsoft 365 Apps or Office 365 Proplus for custom reporting; Using PowerShell script to extract the status messages for SMS provider, Site and client in Configuration Manager The smscliui.log has an entry "Attempt to update the assigned site has failed. If your boundaries are confirmed as being set up correctly that is strange. SCCM clients can be installed using group policy, client push, software update options, imaging/task sequence etc… (more details below). Last Error Code as per SCCM Report Possible Solution Error in WUAHandler.log/WindowsUpdate.log File-2147467259 "1. This was apparently an issue for SCCM update infrastructure. For whatever reason, when attempting to deploy software updates all the clients could not find a WSUS location. Publish the Configuration Manager client to the software update point In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration, and select the Sites node. I've also had a strange problem where during a migration the c:\windows\system32\grouppolicy\machine\policy.dat file has become corrupted, and as such it tries to assign an older site code as it does not get the updated group policy with the new site code. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. For some reason, that entire SMS directory was gone but the site … Or do you have a fallback site defined in the site hierarchy? When the software update scan cycle is initiated, Windows update agent (windows update service) will contact WSUS, where you have installed SUP site role, for scanning. Select the site for which you want to configure software update-based client installation. If it is successful, a state message will be sent to site server confirming that software update scan is completed successfully and it can be verified using the following log. They do not get the Site Mode. They do fall within a boundary. Bare in mind that account you use must have Administrative access to the machine you are targeting. I agree with you, it sounds really wacky. Go figure. SCCM Client migration and Re-assign to new heirarchy step by step guide Before migrating clients from the source hierarchy to a destination hierarchy, we must migrate the objects that are associated with the client and we must then reinstall or reassign the clients from the source hierarchy to … During Automatic Site Assignment, the ConfigMgr 2012 client will do a version check and when the site it tries to attach to isn’t at the correct level, it will fail to assign to that site. The Client Center for Configuration Manager provides a quick and easy overview of client settings, including running services and Agent settings in a good, easy to use user interface. Thank you! In the LocationServices.log, it has an error "Client is not assigned to a site. I know the clients are able to communicate with the primary, since they're working DPs (And one of them is the primary). This was interesting because USA was the old site code and the new site code was something else. edit: currently using HTTP communication for everything, noting configured for HTTPS at this time. Do they fall within a boundary group? This is one of the way to install SCCM clients manually on a Windows 10 machine for beginners. All things System Center Configuration Manager... Press J to jump to the feed. The clients that are having this issue is the primary and 3 DPs. Software update point-based installat… In this post, we will update a stand-alone primary site server, consoles, and clients. I immediately tried to go to the D:\ on SUPPOINT and it didn’t exist! I then deleted the CCM folder, rebooted, and it reinstalled and registered. Now I’m off to remove all the updates and redownload again. Poking around in the All Software Updates node I noticed all of my updates were now expired and software sync’s from Microsoft were failing with “Failed to sync update…” in the wsyncmgr.log file on the server. Luckily, we can use PowerShell to change the site code, and we can even use PowerShell to discover published site codes. We were trying to apply the latest Windows 10 1511 Cumulative Update KB4019473 to ensure protection against WannaCry outbreak. The tool is designed for IT Professionals to troubleshoot ConfigMgr Agent related Issues. Its a WSUS Update Sccm 2012 Updates Advance Download Job Completed With Failure For Assignment Account a The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 software updates feature provides a set of tools and resources that can help manage the complex task of tracking and applying software updates to client computers in the enterprise. I kept seeing this line in the UpdatesDeployment client log was AssignmentStateDetecting after repeated Update Deployment evals. When you assign a Configuration Manager 2007 client or a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager client to a Configuration Manager (current branch) site, site assignment succeeds to support automatic client upgrade. I can't find anything with all my searching; everything I find talks about issues where the client can't even find the site at all, but I'm finding the site just fine, just not able to assign. It's a ~12,000 client install, so it's just a single primary, no CAS, so there are no other sites they would have been assigned to. To update a secondary site in the Configuration Manager console, click Administration, click Site Configuration, click Sites, click Recover Secondary Site, and then select the secondary site. In the Client Location.log, it shows where it discovers the site, then says it is Gettign Assigned site, then just say "Client is currently not assigned ot any site", doesnt' seem to reflect any particular error. When the software update point is created for a site, clients receive a machine policy that provides the software update point server name and configures the Specify intranet Microsoft update service location local policy on the computer. ClientLocation.log: Records tasks that are related to client site assignment. I have abotu 10,000 active, workign clients, so it's not a global problem. Subscribe to Adam the Automator for updates: Microsoft Cognitive Services: Azure Custom Text to Speech, Building PowerShell Security Tools in a Windows Environment, Building a Client Troubleshooting Tool in PowerShell, Building Advanced PowerShell Functions and Modules, Client-Side PowerShell Scripting for Reliable SCCM Deployments, Planning & Creating Applications in System Center ConfigMgr 2012. (KB varies depending on OS version, see link for more info) A guide to creating a collection query turned up some interesting info. WSUS seems to be sync'ing now, after once again removing WSUS and the SUP and reinstalling them. WUAHandler 13/07/2019 03:04:13 18876 (0x49BC) SourceManager::GetIsWUfBEnabled - There is no Windows Update for Business settings assignment. In order to test the scenario’s, we build the following test environment Yay! The uninstall/reinstall has worked on one client, but it took a bit of wrangling. Client push installation(From SCCM Console) 2. They are all SCCM DPs, and the DP role is working great on them. Now we will see how to change site code of SCCM client using a script. In the Client Location.log, it shows where it discovers the site, then says it is Gettign Assigned site, then just say "Client is currently not assigned ot any site", doesnt' seem to reflect any particular error. I immediately tried to go to the D:\ on SUPPOINT and it didn’t exist! I was also noticing that in ScanAgent.log client log file, it would stick on the line “Locations requested for ScanJobID….”. Well, i upgraded our environment to 2012 R2 SP1 CU1 today, and happened to notice that all of these clients have suddenly come up and started working. How to automatically update clients using automatic client upgrade. Let’s get to troubleshooting! The others still aren't working. Have you tried uninstalling/re-installing the client? REG delete "hklm\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Mobile Client" /v GPRequestedSiteAssignmentCode /f At first, I attempted to remove the software update point and reinstall which did not good at all. The clients are getting the AD Site name, since I am running the client manually from the server. This is the first time this environment has ever had SCCM, so these clients have never been assigned to another site. After waiting a little while and getting impatient by staring at Site Component Manager detected that this component should be install on this site system… over and over, I stopped and restarted the SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER which forced an install. : 2: Client computers that are performing a PXE boot to install a new operating system are unable to find the boot WIM file.This occurs when the WIM file is stored in a content library split across multiple drives. Afternoon SCCM :) Our monthly patching ADR catches SSU updates but none of our clients can download these from the DP. So, I deleted all the roles from the site server (since this server only housed the software update point role) and readded it again. The only thing it seems to have done is deleted 716 unused update revisions. This means the client agent was still assigned to the old site. The primary site then reinstalls that secondary site by using the updated files. Sometimes SCCM Client Assignment doesn’t work as it is supposed to be. I did keep the same SQL DB when doing this but I let it recreate its own WSUS content. If I have an epiphany, I'll post it back here. Also - one other thing, can these systems telnet to the primary server and hit port 80/8530 (if you also have a SUP configured)? After reboot, service still came up, but config man was missing from the control panel. 2) Avoid reusing site codes previously used in your ConfigMgr hierarchy. The other thing I just noticed is that the "approved" computers will not receive an advertisement now either. I have a fallback status point, but no fallback site; it's a single Primary with no CAS configuration. After a little bit, the D:\SMS folder showed up on SUPPOINT. If I try to assign to a site manually from the config man control panel, it finds the site, but then gets an error "Failed to update site assignment". The environment is about 2.5 years old, and we're just now adding servers to the environment, which is why I'm just now noticing these problems. There are many blogs about installing SCCM clients in different ways. I happened to notice that they didnt' seem to have SCCM clients on them, and found that the client is in a state where it is not assigned to a site. I then initiated an update deployment scan on a client saw Job Error (0x87d00600)…. I have set up an SCCM test environment - a primary site, and a single secondary site server. We encounter an interesting issue at a client today. It sounds like the uninstall/reinstall is going to be the best route, just a matter of finding a way to make it really clean up, and also make sure I'm not screwing up something else, especially since one is the primary. Otherwise all I can think is to check the registry settings - HKLM\software\microsoft\sms\mobile client and see what site code is in there. Before installing, check if your site is ready for the update: Open the SCCM console; Go to Administration \ Updates and Servicing; In the State column, ensure that the update Configuration Manager 1902 is … SL Known Issues fixed with ConfigMgr 2006 Hotfix Rollup KB4578605; 1: During client policy download, the execmgr.log repeats the following log entry multiple times every minute. The smscliui.log has an entry "Attempt to update the assigned site has failed… It has .NET Framework 3.5 which includes .NET 2.0 installed. Remotely change Site Code WMIC SCCM CMD Below is a quick WMIC CMD line that will change the site assignment of a client remotely. The first symptom we noticed was that the Actions tab in the Configuration Manager Control Panel Applet would only display two actions as seen below. I then tried stopping the service first, and then running the uninstall, and it left a little less stuff in CCM. Delete the regkey’s holding the forced Site Assignment and let the Agent discover its Site Assignment automatically as you normally would with Boundaries (AD Sites, IP Ranges etc.). Other clients in the boundary work fine. These might be a bit out of left field, but if your boundaries are correct and an uninstall/re-install doesnt work then I am not sure what else might be the cause. Daniel is a Principal Consultant & Partner at Agdiwo, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Site assignment fails if you assign a client that runs Windows 2000 to a Configuration Manager site. In order for Configuration Manager Clients to function properly, they need to detect what Site they’re in and communicate with their assigned Management Point. For some reason, that entire SMS directory was gone but the site server was still there in the console.
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